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Total lockdown in my community should be an advantage to help young girls in their periods by equipping them with the skill that stands out in this painful period

Hey sisters I love you all and I bring greetings from Eastern Uganda . Am your world pulse sister Esther here again and in my community am addressed by "Mummy Esther" because all teenage girls that conceive and are thrown out homes cease calling their moms mummy and call me "Mummy" am so proud of our world pulse platform because here mothers and grandmothers are called sisters isn't that amazing


Well we are in a total lock down here and loosing some vulnerable women the virus spreading and killing many. Most of my women don't have masks and my plans like I shared preciously was to get widows in my Ministry that are tailors and I get them to make masks for the women and girls ( teenage moms) in my community. Because we urgently need to save lives to avoid these deaths that are happening when we can do something to save many lives. My heart aches for those precious souls but I always come here to write my stories to get encouraged and for me that's the beauty of world pulse sisters thank you so much for your encouraging remarks that keep me going on in Hope of being helpful with time.


My second plan after saving lives with resuable masks is to get those that will make masks for vulnerable women and girls to also make reusable sanitary pads for sustainable hygiene. This can help  girls who are getting their periods for the first time in this Covic lockdown mostly the girls that can't afford sanitary pads, and those that can't access them because of the lock down it can be an income generating activity even after the lock down because i want to get the women and girls trained to get useful in the community to gain dignity that was lost.


The lock down has also starved many mostly those who work in people's farms for food ofcourse they can't be recieved without masks they are suspected to be spreading the virus and if caught moving with out masks you are penalised so the best is to stay in and starve for God knows up to when, the best urgent way to help is getting resources and empowering women to make masks for their colleagues because they are willing to save lives in their helpless state that's where direct help is . The communal garden activities are affected because only those who have masks are expected to move to the garden.


World pulse sisters,I humbly request you to please stand with me in anyway you can because am loosing courage for my heart has not stopped aching when I think of these women, girls and mothers.

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