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Transform fashion and philanthropy with Cosmos Clothing Brand.

Cosmos Clothing Brand

📣 Calling All Change Makers and Visionaries! 🌍

Join us in a movement that combines passion, charity, and community to create lasting impact. We are Cosmos Clothing Brand, a charitable for-profit entity dedicated to empowering people, supporting the less privileged, and promoting sustainable fashion.

At Cosmos, we believe in the power of collaboration and mutual support. That's why we are reaching out to individuals and organizations who share our vision and can help us make a difference. We invite you to be a part of our journey as we strive to create a better world.

Our unique model involves partnering with an NGO named after our generous sponsor, to whom we owe immense gratitude for helping us pursue our dream. A percentage of our earnings will be dedicated to this NGO, ensuring that the impact of our work extends far beyond the fashion industry. We are committed to utilizing funds judiciously and making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

One of the key elements of our business is a street shop concept. We embrace sustainability by transforming an old bus into a shop, showcasing our dedication to eco-friendly practices. Our goal is not only to provide quality clothing but also to inspire others to adopt sustainable fashion choices.

Additionally, through our NGO, we aim to create a vibrant community where individuals can gain empowerment and receive training in tailoring and fashion as a whole. By connecting them with customers seeking their services, we bridge the gap between traditional skills and modern technology. This enables them to start their own ventures and build a sustainable livelihood.

However, to bring this vision to life, we need your support. We are currently seeking sponsors and funding partners who can help us raise the necessary capital. With your contribution, we can launch our designs, unveil our website, and amplify our impact on society.

To bring our vision to life, we have carefully outlined the financial projections and budget for Cosmos Clothing Brand. The initial 3 million naira funding will be allocated as follows:

Startup Expenses:

>>>Research and Development:

  - Market research: 200,000 Naira

  -Design and concept development: 250,000 Naira

>>> Production:

  - Fabric sourcing and purchasing: 600,000 Naira

  - Manufacturing and production costs: 1,400,000 Naira

>>> Branding and Marketing:

  - Logo design and branding materials: 150,000 Naira

  - Website development and hosting: 250,000 Naira

  - Social media marketing: 350,000 Naira

  - Influencer collaborations: 300,000 Naira

>>>Launch and Promotion:

  - Launch event expenses: 300,000 Naira

  - Advertisements and promotional materials: 200,000 Naira

>>>Miscellaneous Expenses:

  - Legal and licensing fees: 100,000 Naira

  - Contingency fund: 200,000 Naira

No contribution is too small, as every bit counts towards empowering individuals, fostering sustainability, and creating a brighter future. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

If you believe in our mission and wish to join us on this transformative journey, please reach out to us. Let's collaborate and create a world where fashion meets compassion, where business meets philanthropy, and where we uplift each other through the power of community.

Together, let's ignite change and build a future that embraces both style and substance.

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