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UN General Assembly in New York and the Clinton Global Initiative

I have been streaming the CGI with President Clinton introducing President Obama. Yesterday, I listened to World Pulse CEO Larsen 'pitch' the work of World Pulse.

While I listened I wrote this blog:

As the 69th session of the UN General Assembly [] begins the annual UN Summit focusing the world on the problems of our day. It aims to develop more effective partnerships so more of us can live better in the future (#2030NOW).

I am looking inward towards my community and the members of the International Relations Council of Riverside, with an incredible amount of energy and talented people. Can we come together, with our 9 sister cities in 8 countries around the world to help work together aimed at eradicating extreme poverty, achieving universal primary education, gender equality and combating non-communicable diseases?

Having worked in field operations for almost 3 decades, I was involved in hiring with local staff and consultants in more than a dozen countries with UNHCR and the US government. The various missions I was serving were to assist governments, many hosting more than a million refugees from neighboring countries, or help more than a million that had fled during conflict return home.

The international organizations I worked for were able to contribute to capacity building, particularly in developing countries, and serving as a platforms for collaborations, often promoting new and innovative ideas and dialogue that assisted the host country with their development objectives. We hired the best people to bring their professional talents to address the work before us. Not surprisingly, when I retired, moved home and became involved with the IRC in Riverside, I got to know dedicated professionals in my own community who might do their work globally if they wanted to get on the roster of experts that international organizations maintain.

Today in New York, the Clinton Global Initiative (#CGI2014 - Commitment Pitches) has gathered organizations that are making a difference in countries all around the world to describe their works. One of the organizations is World Pulse [ ], which I have been following for a number of years. Its goal is to empower women to leverage the resources to create change for their communities.

The World Pulse business plan might be used in communities in the US and developed countries around the developed world to further empower individuals to join together their efforts to make our world a better place to raise our children. World Pulse needs partners, not only to give financial support, but also to add your voice to an already powerful movement in our internet empowered world.

Additionally, I would like to urge writing, calling or visiting your local Congressional Representative or Senator to voice urge them to contact the White House now prior to US President Obama and Chinese President Jinping upcoming separate meetings with Indian Prime Minister Modi. Our three countries, working together on development issues can be a mighty force to help create jobs moving goods and people across borders, creating wealth generating opportunities to improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people, not only in the region which includes Afghanistan and its neighboring states, but all around the world.

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