Good parents can bring up great citizens!!! If she was loved she could have been saved!!!

"If people make mistakes it doesn't mean they are bad...its the situation"

Here is the story of Tara who is 15 years old...She isfrom a well off family, she never had any crisis with money butshe was longing for the most precious thing in the world i.e. love...Shelost her mother at the age of 6 , she stays with her father who never cares for her ,he pretends as if he cares for her...All he thinks about is making money and he always comes late to home something around 11 pm..

His daughter Tara waits for him everyday but he ignores her and goes to his room and he consumes alcohol everyday...She tries to talk to her dad but he never gives her a chance...In school also she was being ignored by her classmates as she was securing low grades in school...Nobody ever knew what she was undergoing not even the teacher understands her...

If her mother was there with her she wouldn't have been like this...well nobody was there to guide her...She always tried to talk with her dad everyday , her father bought her a smartphone just to get rid of her...Well she started to socialize..She never realized that she was with the wrong company...She had a friend called Leela who encouraged her to do all bad stuffs (like to get in a relationship)

Most of us will think she doesn't have sense...But if we see from her point of view her friend was her world who showed enough love towards her...She was always longing for love...The next few days she noticed that a guy used to see her and follow her, he was a looking guy from her street...She was excited and she would dress up so well..Two days later he came to her...He started talking with her, she felt omg he is really a good guy..

She told her friend she was happy for her, later he proposed her...she accepted it and they were in a relationship for a month, she trusted him so much...He asked her to hook up with him and he promised that he would marry her in the future...As she was blinded with fake love and trust she agreed to hook up...well they both hooked up..she asked him we never had protection..he told we can treat it within 24hours...You will not have any problem..Again she blindly trusted him..

The nextday she went to meet him..She saw him with another girl,she screamed you cheated me..He acted as if he never knew her...She was heart broken and the world turned upside down for her...and a few days later she started to throw up....she told everything to her friend, she was shocked and she told i never knew you would go for it so soon...However she helped her to get a checkup, then the result was positiveshe is pregnant...

She was totally ashamed of her...She never wanted to hide this from her father,she trusted and believed he could help her...She told him, thinking that he could understand her...He exploded in anger and told that you are disgrace to me..She was beaten so much and he kicked her out of the house...She slowly went to the roof when she was kicked out...Her friend came to meet her..Leela saw her waving hand from the roof and Tara smiled for a minute as tears rolled out of her eyes and showed the match box to Leela. Her friend knew what she was trying to do so ran as fast as possible to save her but it was too late she burned herself and she died...Though Leela was not so good in character she really felt sorry for her loss

If she was guided her life must have been saved !!!

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