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Unravel Yourself 💜

I have infinite layers to unravel 💜

Hey its Wizardhere💜

•Can you do a surgery?

•Can you conduct a therapy session with someone who is suicidal?

•Can you fly an aeroplane?

•Can you run a country?

 You Can't because you "DON'T KNOW HOW IT WORKS".

•ONLY A surgeon can do surgery without his hands trembling.

•ONLY A licensed therapist can do a therapy session with suicidal one.

•ONLY A a pilot can fly a plane.

•ONLY a political leader with certain leadership qualities can run a country.

WHY? Because they all know their CRAFT. They have expertise in their field. They know they are EXPERT in whatever they are doing. And What WE are doing right now is:

"OMG look how pathetic and miserable I am"

"OMG I don't know what to do with life."

"I'm worthy of nothing, I cant do anything better and I am a useless person."

"People keep hurting me."

"I don't know why I have anger issues."

"I have low self-esteem, self-confidence and self respect".

You feel this way BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW YOURSELF. How can you handle something without "PROPER EXPERTISE" in it. You are not even aware of your:

1. Strengths

2. Weaknesses

3. Insecurities

Still, you wanna become best version of yourself? How is it even possible? You want to become confident without knowing that THING which is holding you back? You want to raise your self respect and self-esteem without knowing WHAT made them low?You want to get rid of your insecurities without knowing from WHERE did it stem from? You want to become fearless WITHOUT facing your fears? You want not to feel drained without distancing yourself from people who are draining you? Honey! Its like you want to cure DISEASE without knowing:

What disease is it!

How fatal is it!

What are precautions!

First of all know about yourself! Not from others, ask your OWN SELF:

Q. What are my strengths?

Q. What are my weaknesses?

Q. Things I am really afraid of?

Q. Things that empower me?

Q. Things that drains me?

(Do shadow work and journaling)

Be proud of your strengths and lovingly work through insecurities and weaknesses. Don't SHOCK your body all of sudden. For example , If your weakness is Fear of Public Speaking then don't make a goal that "Im gonna talk to 20 people straight for 1 hour daily". No , you won't achieve it. Start taking small steps like, "Im gonna talk to one stranger today". 

The more you are aware of your self, the more efficiently you grow and will become confident in your self. Own Yourself. Know yourself. Become expert in handling your emotions don't label them(Right or Wrong) just feel them properly and ask yourself why did you felt this way(ask open ended question). In this way you will figure out things about yourself of which you weren't aware. If you don't know your own self, you don't know anything. Trust me! The beautiful unraveling of YOU awaits on the other side of insecurities and weaknesses. 💜

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