These are the unsung heroes i would like to acknowledge today, particularly those who had to surmount psychological mountains without anyone to cheer them on.

If you had to brave early childhood development by yourself, with the risk of ending up in the streets and drug dens, but instead you fought your way to a career and a home, you're a hero!

If you were visited with the trauma of parental abuse and reverse dependency where parents relied on you instead of raising and mentoring you; if you inherited a family you never asked for; if you had to live a sacrificial life just to give your siblings a decent life - you are a hero. You've changed many lives even if they never came back to say thank you. 

If you had to pick yourself up after a traumatic divorce; if you had to step in and fill the shoes for two in raising children; if you had to hold a home together while you were falling apart, we celebrate you.

If you've battled a mental health condition and you still raise up every day with hope; if you had to not only accept your situation but also explain it to others, you're a great person.

If you had to heal from a problem you couldn't discuss with people - like trying to find emotional balance from growing without one parent - we see you. You're grateful for what the present parent did, but you also realize the absent one left gaps that you have to dig into and deal with.

If you're trying to get back your life from drugs and other addictions you had sunk into because of unacknowledged psychological pain, we celebrate you. 

Even when your experiencing psychological trauma for some months and you were shocked when your psychologists said that to you, and the realization was huge, and you now work with perpetrators of such violence, to help other people understand and be aware, your also a hero!

Your parents had to take huge loans and where turned homeless while you were in school. It hurt you more when you realized it was all your fault that your parents had nowhere to live. But at the end of it you worked harder and made it through you are a hero!

Your a parent your struggling so hard to provide for your family, I understand it might not be easy, you sacrifice a lot and even skip meals some time, you work extra harder to make your kids happy, you work for more hours and spend little time with your children, all because you want them to feel nice, happy just like the other kids. You're a hero! I celebrate you.

My goal was never to dominate my field and suppress competition. Rather, it was to lift the bar and inspire greater action. I was never so delusional as to think that the game was about me. This game is about society and serving the Creator and his creation. Being a pioneer means nothing if nobody follows after you. It means you never blazed a trail. You just ran solo, when you should be a hero!

Your calling is not to intimidate or suppress others so that you can stand out. The world is hard enough already, and people have to fight just to live. Your calling is to make their lives easier by showing them the way to win. Your more than a hero!

You should go out looking for a way to achieve happiness and meaningful life, and then show others how to do it. You should help your colleagues to break new barriers after you. Because your a hero!

Will you miss your reward if you show others the way? There's a place for trade secrets and protecting the particular techniques that you have developed to get your unique recipe of results. But when it comes to the fruit of your work and the general principles that have worked for you, you should be generous and open hearted. This is how you motivate others to come up higher in their fields and consequently serve your generation better by trailblazing a new level of success and problem solving.

In short, it is heroic to invest in becoming whole and healthy psychologically. It's a noble act to accept the responsibility of building your life from a psychological crisis. You're gifting our society with one more healthy person, and we applaud you for it.

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