Update from Kenya.

Today Nobel Peace Prize Winner Professor Wangari Maathai,Got a threatening text message.The author of the message,said he was not pleased with her stand in the country..."because of opposing the Government we have decided to look for your head very soon...Chunga maisha yako(Kiswahili for "beware")

With a sad smile in her face she said that nobody should take her head because she needed it.

She went on to question why the Government security she had been given when she won the prize was withdrawn at such a time when she needed it most.

Such threats are signs that leave Kenyans asking where there democracy has gone to.

We hope for a solution that will work,since the damage is big.My urge to fellow Kenyans is not to turn against fellow citizens,but to forge a solution that will benefit them now and generations to come.

By Leah Auma,Kenya.

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