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krishna is writing for and on behalf of and in memory of VIJAYAkrishnaJeevAathma; before proceeding further krishna wishes to explain certain salient facts about JeevAathma to Friends Who Like VijayaKrishna. First and foremost there is nothing inauspicious or anything to fear about A JeevAathma. ( Some of you must have read John Bunyan's ' Pilgrim's Progress.'), JeevAathma represents ParamAathma within Human Body, with ParamAathma remaining as a mute witness. It is the body that is a fivefold envelop around JeevAathma and is governed by mind, wish, ego, and desire and in it's struggle for existence and survival is responsible for Actions by way of Thought, Word, and Deed. As we all know , Thanks to Sir Isaac Newton , Every Action Will Have A Reaction either immediate or delayed. Reaction affects not the body but JeevAathma as Karma (fate), since body is no longer there , either buried, cremated or disposed away according to one's faith ( advisable to read Dante's 'Inferno\"). JeevAathma when once IT leaves the body is Divine except for IT is bound by the actions of Jeevi (body) and Fate in the form of Yama Dharma Raja decrees what further should happen to JeevAathma.
From Day One ( Day of Demise ) up to 13 Days, JeevAathma hovers around the Body wondering what happened , and why family is crying and some are upset. But IT is unaffected and just feels sorry for the family and tries to enter the body to please family but could not do so. IT wonders recollecting IT's sojourn upon Earth since birth, that when IT was born family were happy to see IT crying, but now when IT is happy to have left the old body family are crying ( Herodotus, Greek philosopher wisely said 'that one is really happy only after shedding the body'.) and JeevAathma is watching for 13 days just like an unconcerned, unaffected stranger looks at a road accident victim feeling sorry and curious.
Now Friends should understand the time equation of JeevAathma with reference to actual Earth Time; here it is as follows : A. During the first 13 days A day for the family is a day for JeevAathma and that is why we do daily rituals for the first 13 days . B. After 13 days are over, from 14 th day onwards, for the first Two Weeks, a fortnight for Earthlings equals A Day for Jeevaathma and that is the reason we perform Vedic Ritual on 27 th day and 45 th day. C. After 45 th day up to 171 st day 9 days short of 6 months , about which i will refer in due course with specific reference to VIJAYAkrishnaJeevAathma , A Month for an Earthbound equals One Day for JeevAathma . D. After six months have elapsed , until the First Anniversary ( Samvatsareekam ) it is same as before one Earth Month equals One Day for JeevAathma and we have to perform Monthly Sanaathana Dhaarmic Vedic Rituals once a month. E. First Anniversary ( Samvatsareekam ) is A Three Day affair - let me give an example - A Jeevi Passed away suppose on 20 June 2015 - First Anniversary is on 19 th, 20 th, and 21 June of 2016 ( Dates may differ according to Vedic Lunar Almanac ( Chaandra maana Panchaangam ). - 19 th will be 12 th maasikam ( monthly ritual ), 20 th will be actual Anniversary wherein Public , Relatives , Friends and neighbors participate, 21 st is a family affair observing first year memorial ( Aabdeekam / Thath + Dinam = Thaddinam = That Day ); and from then onwards One Earth Year equals One Day For JeevAathma and an elaborate ritual is performed once a year during the life span of children of Jeevi. Once a year observation is common among all faiths.
Lastly please note krishna changed notation VIJAYAjeevaathma into VIJAYAkrishnaJeevAathma as krishna is following his beloved Aathma . Friends please remember - ' Jaathasya maranam dhruvam ' = one who is born must die; ' Maranasya jaatham dhruvam ' = one who dies will be reborn - it is a cycle - what goes around , comes around - Moon orbits Earth, Earth orbits Sun and whole Universe orbits arond Dhruva Thaara = Polar Star - Om Thath Sath = So It is .

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