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Vivian the unlucky, finds luck.

It was a day to be never forgotten so soon or never. Early on a Monday I arrived in one school in Mavindini a rural setup in Kathonzweni. I was happily welcomed by one cool man who later introduced himself as the headteacher.

He leads me to the office and leaves me to maybe attend to as issue outside before we continue. In a few minutes he comes in followed by a girl  called Vivian. She had completed her Kenya certificate of Primary Education and was position one in her school and zone. The girl seemed shy and could not answer any questions at first. The headteacher explains in short,\"This girl will probably not join secondary school because she has nobody to pay her fees and prepare her too. We thought to seek your assistance before it's too late other pupils have already reported to secondary schools. More information you will get from another female teacher who has been helping her.\" He leaves again and comes in with a lady teacher. He then allows us to use his office and he goes to class to get the feedback later.

Vivian was a third borne and the second girl in the separated family. Her dad had married another wife and chased away her mother and three children. Due to the depression, the mother went mad. The children had been left in cruel hands of uncles. Vivian was fourteen years old but had never put on shoes since she was born. I had to organise for her to join Namelok Girls project and send her to Lenana girls high school. I requested the class teacher and headteacher to accompany us for her to be comfortable. We went to there home and found a very hostile environment. The house the use with their mother was unexplainable. Only tears would tell the whole story.we looked at a nearby shop and didn't find any shoes that could fit her. We decided to take the sandals available to rescue the situation and buy her full uniform and other requirements in the nearest town before we got to school. The journey started but we arrived late when all the shops had closed doors. We we to go to school spent a night and do the shopping the following day. On reaching the school, Vivian saw other children in shoes and started crying. She cried holding up my dress like a small baby. She refused totally to join other girls. I tried to ask her what the problem was but she didn't answer. I just said a silent prayer to God to give her peace. Suddenly something came to my mind, might she be crying because of shoes?? I asked myself. I immediately put off my shoes and gave them to her. Fortunate enough we were almost of the same shoe size. I assisted her put on my shoes and as soon as I finished she stood up wiped her eyes and run to other girls. I was left barefoot but it was  her first day in her secondary schools. The director of the school called her wife and instructed her to come with her bathing sandals so that I could also have something on. We all found peace and continued with our mission of admission of the fifteen different girl with different stories to share with you on worldpulse. The following day I took Vivian with me to the nearby town to do shopping. She was in shoes and I was in bathing sandals and everyone was happy.

Today as I write, Vivian completed her secondary schools education and now she is a third year student at Kenyatta university. I love her and pray for her always. Her Dad passed on last year.

Education to girls is our protector for the future.visit Namelok Girls project to assist one girl and change the history.

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