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VOF and Journaling: Helpful Hints Writing Guide

This is intended to provide some helpful suggestions that may be of benefit to those writing the VOF assignments, but is also applicable to anyone wanting to share with a broad audience through writing and journal entries. It is based on my experience participating in the assignments last year, and from my involvement with the WP online community. It is by no means definitive or comprehensive, but I do hope it is helpful.

I am accustomed to writing concise, well-crafted, and descriptive reports. This was echoed in my VOF assignments last year, as well as in my journal entries. I was very conscientious of syntax, form, and clarity while expressing vision, action, and hope.  I wrote with the thought of needing to be a good writer with a great story, emphasis on the writing part.  In fact, this is not necessarily the case. Although I still believe clear, concise, decent writing has import, I came to realize that clear vision, action plan, and personal story is of greater benefit for this phase of WP’s VOF assignments. The following elements would be beneficial in the writing:

-Expression of ambition, spirit, and hope
-A story of overcoming adversity, or attempt thereof
-Focus on singular idea
-Clarity of ideas, passion, and/or vision
-Feasibility of your project/idea/action
-Plan of action, and/or example of action
-Examples of completed or in-process projects/campaigns
-Exemplifying World Pulse as a whole, or a component thereof, while remaining true to self.

With those elements in mind, it may be that one comprehensive essay, story, or journal entry could be broken down into a number of different essays. Keeping a journal entry concise is beneficial for these reasons:

-It increases the probability of reaching a wider audience (ie: most people will naturally gravitate or read a shorter piece than a longer one).
-You will have a variety of journal entries in place of the one, longer entry. It is true that some stories or entries warrant more words. But I have seen a number of entries that very well could be split into at least a few, so I would consider each entry carefully.
-More attention can be given to each important idea within the original, larger essay.

It may also be of benefit to some journal entries or essays to ask specific questions or present an idea that spurs responses. In this matter, you may draw more replies or spark new ideas. At the very least you may broaden your community.

Above all, know that being true to yourself, with the knowledge that you will meet acceptance here in this community, will bring brilliance to whatever you write. And that light, dear sisters, will shine for all to see.

With Peace and Hope,
aka Cali gal Michelle

Northern America
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