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VOF Week 1: Web 2.0... Window of Knowledge

Web 2.0... Window of Knowledge

Web 2.0... What a heavenly a surprise! I came across it just by chance. And
since this time, it lit days of my. I feel that a window for knowledge opens
and calls me to go through. This journey takes me from the past, through the
presence up to the awesome future.

For different reasons, I consider my self the luckiest beneficiary. This
page, however, brought me back, after ten years, to writing and in English
rather than Arabic, my mother tongue. Communicating with journalists and
media women pumped new blood into my veins and led me forward.
Articles written and shared by future applicants are the first manifestation
of power. The power of word. In this way, I feel that there is an unseen bond
that nurtures between these courageous women and me. It develops and
flourishes every second.

Through this Website I can exchange information, share Knowledge, networking
and evaluating the situation of woman worldwide.
I am on the right track. No impossible under the sun.

Through this page women laid down the foundation stone for breaking the
silence, exchanging views and seek solutions for common chronic issues. This
is what is going on and what is going to be.

There is a proverb says that "Those who can not feed themselves alone would
not satisfy". No one is capable of understanding and reflecting difficulties
facing women to the outside world, better than us.

This tool is the suitable means of communication. It abolishes distances,
ethnic and religious differences. It speaks one language. The language of

You and I equal one. No one is capable to speak out for us except us.
I feel that, as women, we should face and address difficulties that hinder us
and try to open bridges and channels of communication with other women. The
way of communication followed here helps us in unifying our efforts, bringing
closer our views and push us to find to work out plans for future

Improving the situation of women is one of the utmost goals of this engine.
This constitutes the first step in a thousand-mile journey.
I am happy to be part of this. Enthusiastic to communicate. Ready to shoulder
the task.

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