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"VOF Week 2: (My Story and Vision)

When I thought of writing this assignment, my thoughts automatically wandered to my mother. Undeniably, her existence has been core to the structure of my life and how I have shaped up as a human being. One of the earliest memories of my childhood is that of sitting in the compound of our house, writing poems/stories and talking to my mother. I decided I would become a journalist in grade five and over the years remember some of my friends laughing at me good naturedly, not believing when I told them about my aspirations; in those moments the unpredictability of adolescence could have struck and made me back down but I didn’t and for that my mother is responsible. She sensed my aptitude, nurtured my interests and kept my focus. Needless to say, her guidance, and the sense of confidence that I draw from this reservoir, has been the central component in my story. One without which, my journey to World Pulse and so many other else in life would be fraught with difficulties, if not impossible.

Browsing through the IJNet newsletter, led me to the VOF program and then to World Pulse. Initial days of exploration drew mixed responses. I liked what I saw but there were moments when I could not fathom the extreme sense of excitement displayed by some of the members on this board. I liked much of the content but also found - still do, the amount of information out there overwhelming. Not that this was new. It wasn’t. Nonetheless, the description holds true. What caught my attention immediately though, was Fatima Syed’s cover story, ‘My life, My Kashmir’ and the various links that went with it. The group ’Hope in Kashmir’ excited me, for if utilised properly, it has the potential to effect real change.

A month and 2 weeks down the lane, I’m glad I didn’t move on. Slowly, it has dawned on me that for many women, having access to Web 2.0 is in itself a major achievement - voicing their opinions and finding like minded individuals is truly worth the elation! I have realised, that while there is so much on board, like every opportunity, this too will reveal itself with time and teach me new things at various junctures. I’m passionate about so many issues and when I think of the importance of an avenue like World Pulse, I’m reminded once again that ‘when you educate a woman, you educate a generation’; and so for all of us this is another opportunity to teach as well as learn, absorb as well strive to change. I only hope, the team would incorporate a forum, where the members could come together and actually stimulate debate on issues of importance. It is imperative, if we seek solutions.

And so, for me, an outlet like Pulse Wire, is important for the realisation of my dreams; be it any issue or cause, this is one of the places where they will find their voice and for such blessings I am grateful.

South and Central Asia
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