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My journey began as I sat down and watched a television program that show cased the suffering and ordeal that the women of Congo were going through. The show focused upon the systemic rape of women in the Congo. I will never forget the expressions on the women’s faces, the sense of helplessness, the numbness in their face and their eyes.

Throughout the interviews the women hardly spoke a word, they were traumatized. I wondered as I sat and watched their interviews, is anyone watching, is anyone listening, is anyone out there, how can we help? In my life I have never felt so helpless.

My mum has always said I was an extremely sensitive child I believe I am that way for a reason, it is my indicator that I am meant to ACT. I am supposed to do something with those feelings-use it in a productive way. I immediately thought I want to be the voice for the voiceless, I want to be able to convey to the world what people are going through. I knew straight away that the media was a great tool. I just did not know how to tap into it.

One of my goals has always been to start my own magazine, a magazine that would appeal to the wider audience and offer a source of hope and inspiration.. The only issue is that I always talked myself out of it, thinking, I can’t do it, who will want to listen to me, how will I go about getting it started, I don’t have the experience. Nevertheless I started off by having a blog……I find it so difficult to keep it going, getting my voice heard out on the web is such an obstacle for me simply because there are millions of blogs out there seeking to be heard too.

Opportunity is always knocking and this time it knocked my way with World Pulse….it aligned with my goals and vision of what I was seeking to achieve, which is being able to ensure the people out there listen to the voices that matter. This is exactly the kind of challenge I needed to get me going. With World Pulse I have an audience, I have the inspiration of fellow women and most of all I have the stories of my fellow pulse users, their story’s are unique and genuine and real. Everyone is correct in saying, this is a global movement.

World Pulse offers me a challenge and I believe it will equip me with the tools to learn how to be a better communicator, to learn how to make my voice heard.. Already I have learned how to finish off my trail of thoughts from the first assignment.

What has been your experience so far of World Pulse? what have been your challenges? One of mine is responding to all the great articles…..but I try my best.

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