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“VOF Week 2: (WAY TO GO)”

I stumbled upon an invitation to join Pulsewire on the net. On checking the site I was really amazed and amused. Women from all over the world were connecting while speaking for themselves. I really wanted to be a part of the community as I saw a platform to express as well as listen to other women. It was an excellent means to reach out to women from all over the world overcoming all the barriers.

Here I must admit that when I started out (I mean working) I found myself reluctant to do women oriented stories. It was not because the stories didn’t have merit but that I was afraid I might be confined to these issues only. I found men especially assigning/suggesting assignments, which were women centric, as if I was incapable of doing others. Of course I could do them better but I felt a pressure to prove that I could do others (stories) as well. I didn’t want to limit myself. But joining Pulsewire was my own decision. I found a glimmer of hope for me and other women as well.

For VOF in all honesty I accidentally clicked the icon and joined the group. It was destined to happen and I felt this was a signal from God to go for it. So I explored the group. Had I not joined earlier I would have definitely joined after checking it. So in real sense my journey began in reverse order. I joined first and then discovered what it is all about.

When I read the posts in Pulsewire and posted a few of my own the responses so generated opened my eyes to the potential it held. It reminded me of an incident. In Kashmir where I live body searches are common. That doesn’t make them any better. So once when a body search left me really disgusted I wanted to share it. I wanted to write about it as I find writing cathartic. I had inhibitions about writing it in local paper. But before that I wanted to know how other women felt about it. Women belonging to different nations, cultures think about it. In VOF I saw an opportunity to do exactly that.

I have always wanted to do something in life, something different, off the track, something I believe in. Life is difficult and its various pulls and pressures really challenge our limits. In VOF I see an opportunity to follow my heart.

A friend of mine was a victim of domestic violence. She confided in me. I tried to counsel her. We used to discuss the issue every now and then. Once all of sudden she said why don’t you write about it. “What will that do for you? How will it help you?” I asked. “I don’t know but do write about it” was her answer. That is where I derive my strength from and I see a lot of such moments in Pulsewire and vision many more in VOF.

South and Central Asia
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