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"VOF Week 2: (Writing Tried and Tested)."

For as long as i can remember I've always been interested in journalism and editorial work. I would have even loved to study and be a journalist but my father thought that it was not the best career path for his third born daughter, i guess it was never considered a serious career in those days. I ended up studying economics. Nevertheless, i kept on writing poems, songs, articles and was part of an editorial team for a Christian magazine in my college days. I did the work with a passion and even wrote good articles that were published in that magazine. I am passionate about integrity and so, more often than not, i will find myself writing something in line with that. I am amazed at the lack of integrity and accountability in our leaders, especially in Africa. Anyway, that is a story for another day. Recently, i was appointed as an Editor for a Christian Magazine in Victory Fellowship International- Kenya. We have been working on the magazine, being the first edition but haven't come to the point of production due to lack of funds and mixed priorities, so we're working on raising money as an editorial team so that we can produce the first edition. Its an elephant task but the passion we have, enables us to see only possibilities! It is this passion for writing that has kept me on the web, browsing for opportunities to add my voice on various global issues.

I stumbled on World Pulse and could not resist the opportunity presented right before my eyes, to write and be heard! When i first read about it in Association for Women Rights in Development (AWID) website, i never imagined that it would be this huge! But i got interested with the assignments and the writing bit and that is the main reason why i joined Pulsewire. My passion for writing, for journalism at last, would be tested and tried. World Pulse gave me a platform on which i could bring my thoughts, ideas, suggestions, to the world, and the world would be my judge, my audience, to read, critic, comment and add value to my skills, thereby improving on those skills.

Writing for me, is a journey that i pray will never end, and Pulsewire is a friend and partner in that journey. You have given me a global audience for my voice to be heard.

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