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VOF Week 3: (You Need to Get Wet to Learn to Swim)

First time I knew about blogging, I thought it was only for experts or IT maniacs. For myself, I was happy enough to be able to access information in the internet. Then, I realized how amazing the blogs are when I found out that people can write anything in their mind. Anything at all! Culinary, dairy activities, child education, hobbies …. I think a blog will be a strong platform to share ideas.
Blogging is worth to try, but because I did not yet have confidence in creating one, I decided to read a book about it. It was full of unfamiliar terms, complicated steps to follow. After struggling to understand the “weird” words, I feel challenged to create my own blog. Yes, I was successful, but that’s all! I had no idea of what to write. I decided to write the draft at home, in my convenient time. I would just need to paste it as soon as I can go to internet cafe, hit the submit bar, and done! Well, that is what I thought. It did not work and my first article has never submitted. What did I do wrong? Do I have to read another book? Is it true that blogging is only for IT experts? Those questions were hanging in the air and totally forgotten until I discovered Pulse Wire. I was excited because I did not find such difficulties to post my journal, and I am also passionate with the topics. Without complicated steps, I even did not realize that I am now officially a blogger!
I believe that “to be able to swim, I have to enter the water and get wet”. Blogging sounds complicated, but really is simple when I give it a try. Once I did it, I realized that my real challenge is not the procedure, but the content of my journal. How to make my journal appealing so that others would love to read and get connected to the topic? Yes, I can talk about interesting things, but I also need to write it in a particular way, with my own personal way to write, with my own perspective. I want my journal be useful, eye-opening, and worth to share.
To be able to overcome barriers like culture, opportunity, or lack of confidence to speak out-loud, I have to be aware and sensitive of issues in my surroundings, enrich my knowledge, and be more active in problem-solving.
To be a good blogger, I do not have to be IT expert, but I need to have the broad of knowledge and keenness of thought! I am lucky enough to have the facility in my hand which enables me to access whenever I want. I have nothing to complain, and about the “weird words”, now that I have been “in the water”, it would be easier for me to give it a shot.

South and Central Asia
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