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VOF Week 4: (Divinely Aleut)

It is funny when I saw the subject for this week and thought I would have it done in about 5 seconds. I am now on my third draft since I keep changing how I want to do it. I homeschool my daughters and we study everything from the perspective of young feminist Native Alaskans. I know one of my main reasons for wanting to make the world a better place is because they soon will be going off into the world. But I think I have always wanted to make life better for people and especially for woman. I think it started when listening to my mom talk of her life and how she always felt powerless to change it. I wanted to kick the world’s ass for her sake but she taught me violence is wrong.

I realized that I truly want to be an Aleut woman and not just a woman who is also part Aleut. One of my online friends always described me as the Fiery One and I was pleased to discover one of the Aleut Goddesses is a fire one. Also there is a water one and I feel a deep connection with water as well, in computer games I often play a Lady Pirate as my character. While I do not believe everyone needs to believe as I do and worship the Goddess, I do believe that by sharing our beliefs we can gather the best the world has to offer to enrich our own lives.

I think my unique gift I can offer to other woman is my love of words. In person I would smile and nod in a very friendly way but with words I can (hopefully) create images and good feelings and understanding. I let my imagination run wild and come up with images and let my heart form the words so they are as real and true as I can make them. I think I can help raise awareness about important issues in a way that woman can feel a bit more comfortable talking about.

One of the reasons I decided to do this was I wanted the chance to share this journey with other woman. It has been a very fulfilling experience for me and one I wish all the woman of the world could feel too. Out of our reading material for this week the one I would choose to share with other woman are my ideas of silence as stated in the “Sacred Quartet” as they call it.

One of the lessons that the Snow Leopard animal spirit teaches is the understanding the power of silence. Many fear silence because they do not understand the richness it offers to one who gives themselves up to it. One way to experience this is to find a room you can be undisturbed in. Turn off the light and lie on the floor on your back and just let yourself relax. Soon, your breathing will seem to fill the whole room. Then it begins to move in time to the Universe and you feel that connection that is hard to describe but you know it if you have felt it. That power of the Universe lives in you and you can feel it when you embrace silence for a time.

It is by sharing a bit of ourselves with our friends that we can establish the bonds that strengthen us and in time spread to our community. I really believe that raising awareness about important issues is easiest with this feeling of ‘sister friends’ that we created doing the VOF together. Embracing each other and our unique perspectives made it very interesting and informative and what I would hope to continue to feel and share if I were chosen. I honestly believe we can make the world a better place by changing how a woman sees herself and letting her discover that feeling of living in the moment that I recently found here.


Northern America
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