"VOF Week 4: (Raising a Righteous Generation)."

Different people will describe greatness in different ways depending on ones background and as we always say, depending on whom your English teacher was. Greatness to me is fulfilling ones calling and destiny, one day at a time. My vision in life is to be a mother. Hard to believe! Mothers were made to nurture, to grow, to mentor and that's what i believe my life is all about, to mentor, and bring out the best in others. We live in a community today in which the youth have been left as 'orphans'. They can't distinguish between right and wrong. Everything that we wouldn't do a few years ago which our mothers taught us to be wrong like disrespecting the elderly and answering back an older person....is the norm in today's world. There's a huge generation gap. A few examples, our mothers taught us that when you enter a room where there are elderly people, you greet them respectfully, and not talk unless you're asked a question. We were taught to stand and allow an elderly person to sit. My heart breaks when i see the youth of today. They live a carefree life, after all, 'it's a free world'. They have no respect for the elderly, they shout at their parents and some even beat their parents, unbelievable!! We've had a some cases in Kenya. Young people of even less that 15 years, beat up older people and steal from them, others take guns and kill their fellow students, shocking indeed, but it is happening. I ask myself, what kind of generations are we raising, where have we failed? Have we left our children to be raised by the world? No wonder we hear the unbelievable, every other day when we switch on the television.

My vision is to mentor the youth, to restore that respect, to raise a generation of people who have respect for humanity, who consider others better, who are empowered and to restore the belief that you can still live a life of integrity in a cruel world as many see it! The mother in me seeks to nurture, to change people's attitude and beliefs and bring possibility where impossibility lurks. I have faith in people to change because God really does change people and i believe it is possible. I see a community and a world where people have respect for each other, where others' rights are respected and where nobody is victimized because of their believes. I see a community where people are concerned one for another. Thus, my vision is to empower the youth to change their community around them and once their attitudes have been changed, they will in turn impact those around them, one person at a time to make a better world. It may be a huge task, but once the fire is ignited, it will go on and on!

By being a Correspondent on Pulse wire it gives me a platform to be heard, an opportunity to share and raise my voice beyond the borders of my cocoon. It gives me an opportunity to share the thoughts that touch my life from my perspective, and my community and tells the world what is really happening at the grass root level. Not that i am an expert but it will give me a platform to advice and defend that which i believe in. This leads to why i want to be a correspondent for world pulse, which is to be heard, to represent my 'world' to the outside world. To bring my mentor ship skills to touch the lives of youth around the world, giving them hope that we can all achieve our dreams, sometimes with a little help and advice from unexpected quarters. I want to be part of the World pulse team of the great women who have a passion to see a better world, and to bring the voice of the voiceless to the platform of world leaders and all people alike. The thought is empowering!

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