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VOF Week 4 (Respect Her, Give back to Her, and Share with Her’s)

Respect nature
Give back to the earth
Share with the world

Respect Nature
Respect nature if you don’t nature will punish you.

I am a woman you are a woman. We were never meant to be alone it’s just not natural for us to be alone. We are caring and loving by nature, not just for ourselves but for those around us husband, children, mum and dad, relatives and the wider community. So don’t fight it let nature take its course.

And that is why we are all on pulsewire the natural need for us as women to share and care has brought us together.

If you don’t respect her nature will punish you with loneliness, bitterness, regret, suicide…. the list is endless

Give Back To The Earth
You are a product of the earth so you must give back to her.

I am a woman you are a woman. The giver of life if you don’t give who will? Nature builds us to give. If you don’t give back if I don’t give back then who are we working to build a better life for? Who are we finding solutions for in forums such as pulsewire ourselves! Didn’t we just acknowledge that as women we naturally care and love ourselves and those around us.

Its easier for two hands to give back to the earth so embrace him, embrace love, embrace the naturalness of man and woman coming together to give back.

If you try to fight nature she will punish you with a great career but no time, money but not happiness, unsatisfaction…the list is endless

Share With The World
I am a woman you are a woman. Carer and giver of life and there’s nothing wrong with that! I accept it and I embrace it.

I am not a man and was never meant to be one. My herness asks for help when I am weak, asks for direction when I am lost, and helps to build another when I am strong like I am doing now on pulsewire for all the hers and herheness.

Remember the lion is the King of the jungle, it doesn’t mean that he is better than the other animals. He is just the king of the jungle! The Zebra, deer and the rest of the animals don’t question or challenge this. When they see the lion they run and that is just nature, one was meant to lead the others follow and there’s nothing wrong with that its just nature the unwritten law of the jungle!

Challenge this and prepared to be bitten, wounded, weak, eaten and eventually die

I Share with the her’s on pulsewire to correspond with them and empower them to just be you a woman go on be yourself!


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