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"VOF Week 4:(My Vision for Change)."

Few years ago, in a school at Chittagong, a father beat his son so that he could not join the school and could help him earn money to run the family. Today the boy has become a drug addict and beats his working parents if he is not given any money. Parents were supposed to protect their children and educate them. If so, why did the father beat him then?
5 years ago, I met a HIV infected person in a workshop I attended on World AIDS day. The guy shared his feelings of guilt, for making his wife and child suffer. Why did he transmit the disease then?

Few years ago, a girl from my native village was left alone by her husband. Being divorced, the girl had to work for low wages in a garment factory to earn the life of her and her unborn child. Why did she work in a garment factory then?
For all the above questions, there is only one simple answer i.e. Illiteracy. I believe had the father, the man and the girl been educated, they would not have committed what they did. If we give a closer look, lack of education seems to be root cause of most of the problems. If only people all over the world are educated, we can use the intelligent minds to develop our home, the world.
In my countries, gaining education involves living behind the four walls of school and shutting one’s mind in the pages of book. And what do we do in exams? Simple, we regurgitate what we memorized. This is how children in Nepal spend their education life. Children are not encouraged to be creative and utilize their education. Thus I believe if we make a system where an educated person educates other people who lack opportunities to gain it from institution, it will be beneficial. One day I thought, instead of stuffing children with boring histories, why don’t we let them make a history?
If every school encourages its students to teach at least 2 children who do not have money to pay for their education, it benefits both the tutor and the learner. Rather than giving tons and tons of writing, this could be a part of their vacation assignment. Because “if you won’t teach, they won’t learn; if they won’t learn, they won’t do; if they won’t do, their offspring won’t which then leads to a chaos.”
Nepal is a poor country of rich people. I believe this is the condition of many developing south Asian countries. Government and private offices have provident fund system that cuts a part of people’s salary to save for future use. Why not establish similar system for educating children then? I think the government should make a policy (because government is the main authoritative body and people tend to follow rules if they are put in action by government) to save money from people’s salary that goes for education sector. If we secure future of our children, we can secure future of our country.
Being a part of community with people who share same objectives such as Pulse wire has helped to understand my life and lives of other people as well. I have known many stories, experiences and observations that might have remained unheard and unknown without the World pulse. So I think being only a part of this community has served me a lot. Regarding being a correspondent, I believe it gives me a privilege to explore more about lives of people incorporating it with modern information technology. And again, I can utilize the benefits in serving other members and people by letting them know what I know. I believe the ever-existing urge to learn new things and getting the advantage by being a correspondent is the reason I want to be one. After all, who would want to lose such an opportunity to view the world through different window.

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