Warmth of a Mother

I was young, some 9 years old. I was growing up like any other kid- lots of love, candies, fairy tales, and everything in between. We were a big family, and life was not easy with papa being the sole bread earner. Despite the difficult times, we were happy, because we loved each other. And one day, we got a bolt from the blue. Mom was diagnosed with this ugly thing called Cancer. Her uterus was completely affected, and the cancer had spread to her ovary too. Today, such a disease is not unheard of, and a cure is easy to find. But back then, things were real difficult. My father had to rush to India, and we were left behind with our grandparents. I was the youngest among the sisters, and was very vulnerable. Father would call granny everyday to let her know of the prognosis. We were not completely sure of what was happening, other than the constant consolation from our relatives and well wishers. I did not know if I would ever see my mom again, but every day, I prayed and hoped that I would.

My parents returned after two months. We were literally standing on the door the entire day waiting for their arrival. They finally came. Mom looked fragile, and she was carried in on a stretcher. I didn’t know how to react. I followed them to the room where she was to rest for the next six months. I just kept staring at her, and all the tubes that were passing through different parts of her body. I was confused and I was terrified. I had always seen her healthy and now in the state that she was in, she almost looked like someone I didn’t know. It was then that she held my hand and pulled me towards her to give me a hug. Nothing else mattered, nothing else existed. It was just me and my mother and her warmth that I valued. That magical moment made me realize what she means to me, and how beautiful life is with her. I learnt not to take life and loved ones for granted. I realized that personal happiness is all that matters at the end of the day. I learnt that bad days will be followed by good days, and that we should take each moment as it comes, and keep the smiles coming. I realized that humankind is so much better with mothers, and so much more worth living with their love.

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