Ways in which women can make decisions and participate in the community

Understand different ways in which women can participate and make decision in the community.

Honours foundation has a committee that determines who gets food parcel and medical benefits and has agreed by the committee that women will now qualify for such benefits.

We came as a group and invited different people to come and teach them their legal rights if they are being abused within the families and community.

1: Welfare: This type of participation to women being recipients of benefits, or welfare, where their material need such as food, income and medical care are met.

2: Access: Women should be able to gain access to resources such as land, credit, training, education or public services to which they previously did not have access to.

3: Conscientization: Here women are not simply given welfare or access to services and resources, but begin to think for themselves, believe in their equality, and begin to identify and choose ways they will participate by deciding for themselves to form groups and to seek out education about their legal rights. This is the most highest level of participation.

4: Participation and Equality: At this level, women participate with men to equal decision making.

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