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Web 2.0

The web 2.0 is one of the most exciting areas in most of the social media. However, this site has enabled many people to share information through the web by way of messaging, writing and connections throughout the world.
This site, contains services like; social networking sites, blogs, video sharing, the wikis, hosted services, web application services among others. Nowadays it is easy to interact and collaborate with friends, families, tutors, lecturers, students, and any other person online. The best part is the ability to create a community for sharing, using and managing associations with every individual according to their status and necessities.

Furthermore, it engages individuals in connections, interaction and develops better and direct relationships with the help of the web 2.0 components.
In different ways, web 2.0 may bring several solutions to the global women's empowerment movement:

These may include;
1. Some women around the globe may find an opportunity to raise their voices and air their views. In this way, women will no longer remain silent and die unheard, because even though they may be in war stricken countries or areas where women are looked down on they can still, at least get a chance through the web to interact with other women and be helped emotionally, psychologically, spiritually. And as well, they can still air their views, their news and their reviews.

  1. The web 2.0 also gives a platform for detailed lessons, tutorials and discussions on broad categories and issues. This allows women to get more information on politics, health and more so learn on life lessons. Well, you know the wise people said “life is the best experienced teacher.” And in the same case, several women have learned life in many ways. Some have tasted the bitter leaves of pain, their lives have been ruled by circumstances, and they tool would wish to share with the world but with the help of the famous web 2.0.

  2. Web 2.0 is the best place to give and receive communication. It is not possible to read people's minds. How people get connected to other persons inner faith is the way we pay attention to communication.

    I have been empowered by web 2.0 in its tools, like;

  • Programmable web is my favorite. This help me with my personal training and education. Well, it does not require someone be an IT expert but, has tremendously improved my personal development.

  • As a student, I use the windows live academic. This allows me to search for articles and journals through the web, especially the cite seer. Besides using this tool for reading and searching and reviewing, I use Google calendar to track sensitive information, events, activities and appointments. In fact what excites me more is the facts that all these are found in the same place.

  • Word press has enabled me to improve my writing skills too. Anyone wishing to start blogging and improve their writing skills should try this. It is worth a start.

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