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Web 2.0 a journey of words

I have never been one to speak out about my life, I like to keep my life private, to myself, however ever since I have become a member of PulseWire, I feel that I have been able to share my views, reactions, and successes with people from all over the world that care. Web 2.0 has opened up a whole new world for me. A place that I know what I say I mean, what I read is real, how there is good in bad, how together we can become a strong voice, a voice out of the shadows of quietness. To be able to share and interact with personal stories of sadness, grief, joy and excitement is an amazing tool that has just begun to scratch the surface of what citizen journalists can do. I am honored to be part of this global village ready to stand tall and proud.

Web 2.0 brings empowerment to women’s issues in ways that are personal, first hand. It is not a story I am reading in a textbook about a girl that is made up. I am reading stories of actual heroines, of people over coming culture changes, technology and medical advances to empower not only their lives but the lives of the women and girls in their communities and countries. As I read and interact more and more on PulseWire I feel more empowered and inspired to do more with my life, to become more involved and to use Web 2.0 as a beginning place to learn, grow, succeed in helping to get stories out to the public. To engage the listener that women not only have a lot to say, they have a lot to give with ideas, technology, medicine, family and success. We would not be here today if it wasn’t for women who stood up alone to face their opposition. The least I can do is to give women from all over the world, class, and race a chance to express their views and opinions on things that impact their life. A life is told in stories, Web 2.0 allows for these stories to be turned into moving live stories that don’t have an end, but many different chapters that can be edited and improved as life continues to grow and be shared.

Northern America
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