Web 2.0 - Agent of Change for Grassroot Women

What really excited me about web 2.0 is that one as a woman will be able to shape the future of our communities through the opportunity one will get to speak to like minded people who help solve our problem or give idea of how to go about it.

The solution that web 2.0 brought to women globally especially women from remote regions is that their voices will be heard and broadcasted around the globe.Because web 2.0 could see through women's eyes it is possible for her to bring the exact innovation through connections to transform the world .Web 2.0 does these by given World Pulse magazine readers opportunities to connect take action and make a difference in women and girl's life especially women from remote regions via internet cafe's.It helps equipped grassroot women leaders to become change agents through empowerment mentor to help her reach her dreams.This will help to unite millions of women world wide into a powerful collective force that will drive a more inclusive global agenda.

Web 2.0 will bring me empowerment as a grassroot woman leader to bring change to my constituency and to the society at large because i know that voice will be heard and there will be mentoring partner for me to achieve my set goals and dreams for other women.

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