Web3 Woman Hub Bootcamp Scholarship Opportunity

The Dawn Of a New Era is here! After months of intense work by my team and I, we're excited to finally open up applications for the Web3 Woman Hub Bootcamp!

This Bootcamp Scholarship Program aims to empower over 5k women for technological innovations to foster women inclusion and sustainable social impact, by equipping selected participants with digital skills, web3 skills, financial literacy programs and career & personal development trainings ALL FREE!

We envision a world where women are active participators and contributors to the future of the global economy through tech, which is why we have made this opportunity available. This Scholarship Program aims to serve the women from the underserved communities within Africa, Asia and beyond, who can’t afford the financial requirements to build a future and career for themselves.

In just about 72 hours since applications were opened, we have had thousands of applications troop in, which emphasises the need for this opportunity , and makes it highly competitive!

It is on this note that we welcome all World Pulse women who are interested in a beneficial opportunity as this to apply, and encourage the women in their network to do the same!

Application window stays open till October 21st, so send in your applications here at:

and broadcast widely this life changing opportunity, to all the women who would need it!

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