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Week one assignment: An introduction to New Mrdia and Web 2.0 concepts

What excites me most about Web 2.0

Web 2.0! How much would one achieve without it? Web 2.0, the platform on which new media and social networking happen, makes the sharing of information and at the same time makes participation and collaboration possible and with ease.
Web 2.0 certainly generates so much excitement in me. Take for instance, social applications like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube available on Web 2.0.Tthese applications have suddenly turned the whole world into a global village where things happen fast. Ideas and thoughts could be shared among group of persons in different locations from all over the world at the same time.
Unlike traditional media products like newspapers, magazines, radio and television programmes that are available to audience located in a restricted to a geographical location, these applications available on Web 2.0 make sharing of information and ideas very easy even by persons without professional journalistic training.
When people from all over the world are able to share feelings and aspiration irrespective of the distance of their location and their nationality, then voice will be given to the voiceless and hope extended to the repressed ones in the society.

Global empowerment for women:

In many countries of the world, especially the developing ones in Africa, women are treated as second class citizens. In extreme cases, some have been subjected to inhuman treatments in the name of traditions.
Several non governmental organizations have risen to the challenges that this ugly development. With collaborations from other like-minded individuals and organisations from across the world, their right is now being recognized and respected by many nations who had until now denied them of recognition and right to certain privileges and freedom.
All these efforts and collaborations are made possible largely as a result of the use of tools available on Web 2.0.

How tools empower me:

The National Malaria control Programme of Nigeria (NMCPN), an agency of the federal ministry of health orgnised a training workshop on media guide on malaria for 30 journalists selected from various media houses from the south-south/south east regions of Nigeria.
At the end of the training, a group was formed with the name malaria Delta 30, and an email address ( opened where members have the opportunity to send their reports no malaria, and could also access others’ reports as well. Many of us have benefited immensely from this collaboration.
Several materials posted to my facebook account have received attention from contributors across the world, beyond my widest imagination. This could not have been possible using pages of a daily newspaper alone.
Two days after my application as a Voice of Future was approved, a United States of America-based human right lawyer and activist, Fatima Waziri read my profile and discovered that we have several things in common. We have since communicated several times and hope to collaborate on ways to help contribute to the emancipation of women.
All these have been made possible by tools available on Web 2.0.

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