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Welcoming EVERYONE via your web site

For the next few months, I get to workwith an international nonprofit based in Austin, Texas called Knowbility - I'm the nonprofit liaison for its online event called OpenAIR (Accessibility Internet Rally). They are based in Austin, Texas, and I'm basedin the Portland, Oregon area. OpenAIR is an online hackathon event that will help your nonprofit, NGO or charity welcome EVERYONE via your web site.

Have a web site already? OpenAIR can make it far better, by giving you a new design that is accessible to all people, including people with disabilities. Don't have a web site? OpenAIR can get you such! This event is open to ALL nonprofits, NGOs and charities anywhere in the world.

OpenAIRprovides nonprofit organizations with both a new, professionally-designed, accessible website that accommodates allvisitors,and with expanded awareness about accessibility issues. An organization gets more than a new website; the organization becomes a more-welcoming organization online - and maybe offline as well.

People with disabilities want to donate, volunteer and otherwise support causes they care about. But if a nonprofit's website isn’t accessible to them, they are left out - and that means leaving out potential donors, volunteers, clients, ideas, talent and more. All of that changes when the organization participates in OpenAIR.

The OpenAIR website has complete information about this opportunity for nonprofits:

The site has full details on the benefits of participation, why every organization should make web accessibility a priority, and exactly what participation looks like for a nonprofit.

Are you a web designer? You could put together your own local team of designers are participate in this event as a design team - and as a part of your participation, you get trained in accessible web design, which both adds to your marketability and helps you create better web sites.

I am also available to answer any questions you may have, either here or via email:

Feel free to share this information with any nonprofitsyou work with. I would welcome all of their participation and am ready to help.

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