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How do you like the group picture? I was searching for a picture of \"The 3 Fates\", the legend of the woman who hold destiny in their hands since I want us all to take ours into our own hands. We need to believe strongly that we can change things, not only for ourselves but in our area and knowing that we are all around in the world can believe \"Globally\" as well!

My girls (the oldest and youngest) decided they could draw one for us and it shows 3 woman holding that twine of \"life\" thread in their hands. They left out the spool thingy, not sure what it is called, since where we come from is not as important as where we are going. Diversity in the woman to show it encompasses all woman around the world, since a way they kept us down before was keeping us separated into groups of \"us vs. them\" ones and we will no longer allow that to happen to us.

You can suggest different one to use though, since being my daughters I am blind to it's faults... I see it as the greatest-picture-ever-drawn kind of thing, so dont feel bad if you know of a better one to use! You will find both Olutosin and I are very nice and open to suggestions and ideas from everyone so just jump right in!!

If you can remember where some great posts you read are, can you please do a post asking if they would like to post it here in this group for us? There were so many good ones around and I will be going back through and finding them and sending the personal messages letting them know the group is here and to post whenever they can...

Don't be shy about being the first to post yours since I am sure a lot are waiting for someone else to go first to make sure they do it right... Just begin posting and we will let the group become what it needs to be for us!

They are working on adding Olutosin as an admin still but it should show up sometime since she is a big part of it too!!



Northern America
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