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What now? Opportunities abound with World Pulse!

Warm greetings to all of you!

What a journey we've had over the past month! It has been remarkable to witness the growing strength of this community as each of you speak out, listen, connect and immerse yourselves in World Pulse.

We don't want to see this magic end! We want to continue hearing from you, and to have you make the most of this incredibly powerful network. The journey has just begun.

For this reason, I'm writing today to share with you the many opportunities available to you as a member of World Pulse.

  • Be Published! Our Editorial Department is always on the look-out for stories to be published in our e-magazines, or shared via social media channels. By writing in your journal you could have your voice reach millions through our network of partners, including CNN, Huffington Post, and National Geographic.

  • Influence Policy! Our Digital Action Campaigns are built to deliver your voices to decision makers around the world. By participating in our campaigns your words have the chance to influence policy and make a real impact upon lives in your community and beyond. A second phase of our Girls Transform the World campaign will be starting in just a few months, so keep an eye out for our announcement!

  • Become a Leader! The World Pulse Community Leadership Program gives you an opportunity to step into leadership roles and establish yourself on the forefront of the online movement for social change. You can participate as a part of the Welcome Committee or become a Translator today, and know that more roles are in development as you read this.

  • Maintain Activity! By keeping an active, engaged presence in the community it is more likely that you could be identified for future leadership roles and opportunities, or have your voice Spotlighted on our site and shared via social media. This is also the best way to earn or keep your Vocal Contributor status.

Finally, I am thrilled to share another new exciting opportunity with you all.

World Pulse is releasing our Citizen Journalism curriculum from the Voices of Our Future program to the entire community! These materials are posted as PDF files (link below), and will allow you to boost your skills and confidence as you guide yourself through the same learnings that the selected 30 Correspondents will receive. Each of the 30 Correspondents will be paired with personal Mentors, and have a chance to tour the USA with World Pulse Live, but now everyone in our community has the opportunity to build their journalism skills and digital empowerment. These skills may even prepare you to apply for a spot as a Correspondent next year!

At your own pace, you have the chance to learn about journalism ethics, how to conduct interviews, how to structure your stories for impact and recognition, how to write an op-ed and get it published, how you can best use Facebook and Twitter to amplify your voice, and even how to make a multimedia story.

Find the materials here in Sharing Solutions now!

The World Pulse team is eager to see where these tools will take you! We are confident that many of you will benefit from this resource, and your voices will rise to new heights as you continue to grow your skills and connections here with us.

Thank you so much for being with us here, and for speaking out to transform our world.

With our best wishes,
Scott and the World Pulse Team

Northern America
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