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When boss proposed me..........................................


When I was 19 years old aged innocent girl, I passed ISc forestry. Being poor economic background of family, I had to do job but I must leave home and go to remote and away for getting forestry related jobs. Therefore, generally, people used to say that forestry is a hard job for women but I didn't believe it and I thought always positive. Meantime I came to know a job vacancy in very remote area which was 14 hours long drive distance from capital city Kathmandu and Kathmandu is located 8-hour drive distance from my home. Anyway, due to my family situation I applied for job, and went there for interview by night bus. I reached there after 14 hours at 1:00 pm. I was so tired due to long drive but immediately I went to the office which called me for interview of the vacant post for contact. Head of the office called me after 5:00 pm to contact him. I went the office little bit earlier to meet him after the office time. He proposed me for night stay at the office guest house which was located in office premises. Therefore, I put my bag in a room of the guest house and managed to all things there. One support staff of the office called me at 5:00 pm and said to come down as the head was waiting for me. In January usually dark happens quite earlier than other seasons so that at 5:00 it was little darkening. Then, I went to down with a bit fear in my mind so I stayed outside whereas the head (boss) was standing inside the door. He started to talk me indirectly to fulfill his physical desire and he said me that he would give questions prepared for tomorrow exam if I accepted his propose. I became so afraid and I looked outside and prayed to be somebody there to support me if anything happened from the boss. Therefore, I felt unsecured and my heartbeat was so fast. Then, I prayed God to save my life. It was being much dark as if nothing could see in front. He continued talk giving many examples name of past of many beautiful girls they fulfilled his demand so that girls got many opportunities, scholarship, and promotion in senior post. Look! Those girls are in the USA due to his support. Look! those girls are in senior post due to his grace. Therefore, he said,\" Take opportunity, this is a golden opportunity for passing tomorrow exam. Please come inside and see the questions in the computer. I will show you questions and guide you how to answer it.”

Few people had access to computer in those day in Nepal. Therefore, I had no idea of computer operation but I had heard that desk top could not open without electricity power. There was load shading (power cut) at that time so that I was sure the computer was not in operation and I did not enter in the room. Meantime he became so angry and said “What types of nonsense girl you are, as I want to give opportunity but you didn't agree my proposal.” Then I became so fear and suddenly I said “I will come later because now I am so hungry, I need to go to hotel for eat somethings.” Saying that I ran to hotel quickly which was nearby the office. Luckily, at the hotel, I met one senior sister whom I knew and who had also come with her husband and a little baby for the interview of same position for which I applied. Then I said to her all the conversion happened with the boss and she said me to stay with her that night. Coincident, there was double bed in her room. When I entered to her room, a support staff of the office came and called me again. He said “The boss has called me.” Then I became so fear again and looking my gesture, the sister angrily said to the support staff \"Anita will not come to the office, she will stay with us.” Then, the staff shouted and said \" I don't know, what happens to you if my boss became angry''. In this way, I saved my life from the notorious boss in the night in unknown new place. Then, in the next morning, I returned home without attending interview. Still, the boss is a senior position of a reputed organization of Nepal, and he has a great name and fame, but I hate him in his duel controversial image to the society.

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