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When we realise we are all the same then we'll understand what inclusion really is

My fight for inclusion started twelve years ago when a parent brought her child with communication delay to a school where I worked as a class assistant. Her tears and plea for the school to accept her son moved me and made me also pledge to work with her son if the school admits him and they did. Three months later, he started speaking and it wasn't because I was a professional because I wasn't. It was because he was in the right environment where other children encouraged him and didn't treat him like he was different and in that positive energy environment he thrived. Twelve years after I began advocating across continents, my 8 year old daughter just taught me the true definition of inclusion. I showed her the video of a project I was part of tagged \"Beautiful as you are\" where we did a total makeover for all the teenagers and young adults with down syndrome and told her to see how beautiful they were and she responded \"mum, they were more beautiful before the make up. All you did was show them how they'll look with make up on\". Gosh! I was blown and realised inclusion and acceptance is realising that we are all the same regardless of our challenges, our difficulties and our looks. I embarked on a project tagged IEFA (inclusive education first aid) (inclusive employment for all). Its a pan african project that educates, empowers citizens to provide first responders services for children and adults with intellectual disabilities regardless of their financial resources and community. I ask that you join this movement to take inclusion to every community in Africa.  We are present in Benin Republic  and already have our tent in Togo. Let's work together in your community until there's no word as segregation

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