When women join hands and merge their stories

We go screaming on the congested 'katcha' lanes in villages, crowded streets of metropolitan cities to structures of governance in India never forgetting our slogan and our vision

" Chuppi todo, mahavari ka khoon achha hai!!" (Hindi)

" Break the silence, menstrual blood is not impure!! "

" E maa dake, E soro sita, Eje nkan oshu kii saimo!!" (Yoruba, local language in Nigeria)

We announce Breaking the Silence 2019 Campaign themed " Advocacy and Governance" open with effect from today 8th March 2019 on the auspicious occasion of International Women's Day.

Breaking the Silence has partnered with Star of Hope Transformation Centre and Turning Trash to Treasure(TTTT) organizations which work on women's empowerment, livelihood and addressing domestic violence in Nigeria to begin our work in Africa beginning this June.

In the next 12 months we will leave no stones unturned to "inform and inspire" the government at all levels to implement comprehensive programs on Menstrual Hygiene Management.

And most importantly to ban the isolation of girls and women during menstruation!

Breaking the Silence is a campaign that works on ending myths, taboos and stigma around menstruation prevalent in our society that act as barriers for girls and women to achieve good health,uninterrupted education, self esteem and dignity.

When women join hands and merge their stories, they become an unstoppable force which will bring a new world order to change it for the better for now and always

On International Women's Day let us 'speak out our truth' and reclaim our position on mother earth.Remember you are a shero and in charge of your ship!

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