When women rule the world

When women rule the world 

The world will know peace 

Women will first map out the land

Women will want to have real statistics 

In order to designate authorities 

And genuinely plan for humankind.

When women rule the land

Square pegs will be placed in Square holes

War ground will become plough ground

War testing ground to playing ground 

Artillery will be turned to farm tools 

Bomb companies to organic fertiliser factories.

When women rule the world 

No life will be snuffed out ever again 

Women birth the world,

Women brought forth life,

Women experienced the agony of two knees 

They cherish each breath - each life

When women rule the world

Songs of sorrow will be turned to joy songs

Songs of agony will be turned to baila's Melody 

Sleepless nights will be for spinsters' eve

While lying in wait to kidnap

Will only be for bachelors eve.

When women rule the world 

These fruitless peace talks will be for negocios

Nations will genuinely befriend nations 

Regions will heartily embrace regions

Religion intolerance will be forgotten 

Spirituality will reign in hearts.

World will value life and the living 

For we shall respect mother earth

Flower fragrance will overtake Bomb smokes

Bullets will be turned to ladies' necklaces 

AK47 will become our village firewood 

And land mines will be melt to make babies' toys.

When women rule the world 

Soldiers uniforms will be sewn into baby bibs

As no one will need to wear military uniform 

Military boots will become wooden toys

Military boonie hats will be turned to farmers head covers 

Combat helmets will be distributed to okada riders. 

When women rule the world 

All artillery armored vehicles will be turned farm tools

Those battalion soldiers will become farm labour 

War supervisors will become farm supervisors 

Brilliant ones will create our best technologies 

War mongers will become best composers. 

When women rule the world 

Military health workers will become midwives 

Our present.war loving leaders will be carers-

They will be baby sitters to their grandkids 

War loving leftists and rightist will be useless 

Hamas Jihadists Hezbollah will be real Mallams

When women rule the world

Anyone who threatened world peace 

Will become our cultural songs

We will turn their life history to Igogo songs 

They will live in shame for rest of their lives

When women rule, peace is non negotiable.

Log On. Rise Up.
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