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If I were a bird, I most definitely would be an eagle. This being really fascinates me. One of the traits I really admire in eagles is their sight. Eagles can see from a very long distance and more so they can focus on the sun without having their eyes blinded. It is through this visualization that they move up up in the air to the highest heights.
Just like an eagle, I want to rise high up in my career, charity work and in motivating others. I am of the conviction that if every other day we encouraged each other to pursue their dreams and ambitions then it would be better world. That instead of being very pessimistic about what we do not have, we would concentrate on what we have. This would ultimately help us in being selfless in all our deeds. My vision for my community and my world is a haven of positive mind-set. Where despite the many hurdles that comes our way we will not give up instead, we will recharge for the next task.

I may not have millions of dollars to give out to that poor child who cannot afford school fees, or to that mother who cannot feed her family. However, I believe I have millions of words that I can use to let them know that they maybe down but not broken. Yes, her loved ones may have raped her and the society ostracized her but there is still hope. My voice will speak to millions of women who are afraid of vying for political positions because the society dictates that is a preserve of men. Those women who are very talented but then are afraid of exploiting their talents.

If I can get to boost even a single girl who thinks, failure is the only option, if I can help her believe in herself more, if I can let that girl in high school know that she can pursue any career of her choice then I will be the most fulfilled person. This is my starting point in making this world a better place. I am committed to this journey and I am sure I will see to it that I have accomplished my mission and vision.

It may sound utopia but I believe in the power of positive thinking. There is no mountain so high no valley so low for an optmist.My message to my community and the world is that there is more gain when we speak words of encouragement to each other. If this is passed round am confident that the human race will be a haven of self-fulfilled generations.
Someday, in my pursuit of being a motivational speaker I want to establish a foundation. This institution will be a stepping-stone for many women. Women who what they just need is a little impetus and they will soar up on wings like eagles.

Voices of our future has helped me tell my stories to a great audience. It is the bridge that I so desperately need to cross over to the next level. It will aid my ambitions for becoming a motivational speaker and for empowering other women in the society. The trainings carried out will be an asset to both my spoken and written works. Voices of our correspondences is an avenue that I have waited for so long in my life. It is the thrust I need to bring change in my society. It is through PulseWire that my stories were heard without discrimination. Of utmost importance is that the knowledge that I will acquire will ultimately benefit the women interact with.

So far, the whole process has been a revelation for me. Those four weeks that I have participated in this, I have enjoyed personal growth in a completely new level. The stories posted by other participants have been a source of inspiration to me. The comments by the listeners steered me on.

Above all, the beauty in life is not how high I will rise but how many women am I rising up with. With the little or much that I have got, how much of my time will spare so that I can help others move a step up?

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