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Who will you meet?

As I write, we are converging across the nation:

Our east coasters - Natasha, soaring in from New York City,

Kathy LeMay, rerouted to Dulles National and across the country.

Ellen en route now from Martha's Vinyard, dodging a cancelled flight to make her way through Denver and then to our fair city.

Nanci Luna, zooming in from Texas? California? Who knows! one of her many transformational stops spreading empowerment with her every step...

Dorothy Abbott alighting this afternoon from Tennesse via San Francisco exploring her new life chapter!

Cynda packing her bags near her breathtaking garden between Boulder and Colorado,

And a SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to our new, and honored MAN on the Advisory Board !! Driving across mountains in from Sisters, Oregon where he has been writing his book, Professor Stephen King - no not the horror novelist - but the opposite, maverick tech entrepreneur and professor of Business Mythology. The man behind the curtain who has not only housed World Pulse with free rent and cool business advice for the last year, but has mindblowingly pledged to support World Pulse rent in our new space for another year.

Lynn McMullen has just finished a call with her team in Africa and is hitting the road from the beautiful Harsteen Island in Washington ...

And Darcy W, swooping in to her coastal condo where we will all be nourished tomorrow night.

Who cannot make it? Mr. David Sawyer - but not to shed a tear, his advice is carrying across the cascades to us.

And Bea Perdue, who had a recent death occur suddenly and must remain to tend. Fingers crossed we'll hear her laugh and voice through the wires during our gathering.

But me, I'll be there. Sitting now in the sun below the skylight in my room, listening to birds sing, noticing new cherries on the tree, feeling you all coming and smiling big.


Northern America
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