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Whose fault?

Its been a major concern for me and my ladies (when I say my ladies I mean those of them living with Vitiligo and some sort of altered images), the single parents amongst them.
Its always painful when I chat with and learn what they have to go through in the hands of men, the ill treatment, taking for granted, being used...... who really is to be blamed?
When they believe that if the man goes, there might not be another as they strongly believe no man can like them with their skin condition. Is it really true?

Ok a little into the skin condition called Vitiligo (focusing on Africa for this article).
It is a hugely stigmatized condition in Africa, facing not only a visible, disfiguring skin problem, but with widespread social discrimination fueled by powerful myths, discrimination and stigma. The main contributing factor to social stigma is that Vitiligo is considered by many as a wrath of the gods, confused as burns from fire, mystery, nemesis, magical, spiritual attack etc. It has a major impact on the Quality of Life (QoL) of patients. It is one of the most psychologically, emotionally and psychosocially devastating chronic skin conditions, which has a major impact on both patients and their families. It is a totally neglected and underestimated.

Indeed there is no patient care and helpful medications locally available, but do we continute to wallow in self-pity and agony?
Not at all.

We can conquer, you can conquer. We are Conquerors!
Present an Accepted and Loved you and they will have no choice to accept you as such. If they dont, walk dear Sis, there are about 7billion humans living.
Present a Confident you and see that Confidence is indeed Beauty.
Its not easy, but its doable, start from where you are, stop giving in to seocietal demans and pressures, go and live at your pace.
Find all those things that make you smile, remeber them always and be grateful every minute you remember them, replace your worries and bitterness with them. Please try for you sure.

In all be sure you are happy. Never let anyone rob you of yur happinnes be it whoever especially where you can.

I used case of Vitiligo. I dont know your situation, but I believe this may speak to you as well.

Much Love Sister!

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