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Why I want to take part in VOF?

I knew World Pulse and Voices of our Future program from a friend. She knew my love for writing and my passion for web 2.0. I found the program really interesting and educational, so I decided to take part in it.

Long time ago, I wanted to become a journalist but my parents wanted me to learn something else. Two years ago, I had the opportunity to take part in a workshop and learnt how to create a blog. The love of journalism then came back to me again. Unfortunately, I could not follow any courses so everything I posted on my blog was the result of my will. When I read the announcement about VOF, I have completely fallen in love with the program. I knew then that this would be a great opportunity for me to get trained on citizen journalism. And by taking part into VOF, I discovered that World Pulse is a great women community where I feel that everyone is my friend, my sister, someone I can trust, where women can make the difference by bringing their voices for global solutions.

I take the opportunity to talk more about myself in this post. I am a young Malagasy woman. In my childhood, I knew that education is one of the greatest way for a better future. I loved studying and was always among the best. I already started to get responsibility. In high school, I was chosen to be the "class leader". I am a person who never wants to give up. When I was younger, for several months of the year, my father was not home due to his work. I am the elder child of my family. And I do not know why, I always thought I needed my family not feel that our father was missing. So at the age of 8 or 9, I already managed to fix our electricity, or a broken door... My mother owned a primary school. For 7 years, right after my high school degree, I had helped my mother run the school while studying. I really enjoyed it. Later, wanting to fend for myself, I prefered to leave the school to work for a bank for 5 years. Now, that my mother has gone, I decided to come back to the school and manage it. I am also the steering-committee of a local English Club which aims to promote the use of English language and helps Malagasy youngsters to improve their English. This club is co-working with a local newspaper and I became the chief publisher of a special English page. I am also launching my own brand of t-shirts "Alô Fô" which means "Moving forward", the philosophy of my life. I am married for a year now. And with all my activities, I still can manage to fulfill my duties at home.

VOF is for me an exciting journey where I expect to learn more about citizen journalism and acquire knowledge and new relationships.

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