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Women and E-commerce

Ecommerce refers to any form of business transaction conducted online. Ecommerce is something more than selling and buying stuff online, Its using online resources and tools to do business more efficiently and productively. Ecommerce is the use of electronic communications and digital information and new technology in business transactions to create transmute and redefine relationship for value creation among organisations and between organisations and individuals. It involves all types of communications technology including the www, email, value added network , intranet and extranet etc. Ecommerce is widely in use for shopping online by businesses and individuals. Ecommerce works for small and large businesses because it involves the entire business cycle from production, procurement, distribution, sales, payments, restocking, marketing and much more. It connect the customers, employees, suppliers and distributors. It also involves support services like banks, lawyers, accountants, consultants and government agencies. Major types of ecommerce are (B2B) business to business ecommerce is simply defined as ecommerce between businesses. This type of ecommerce deals with the relationship among businesses for example Amazon, Alibaba etc. (B2C) business to consumers ecommerce is defined as ecommerce between companies and consumers, it involves customers like gathering information, purchasing physical goods, goods of electronic material or digital content like software, e-book etc. (C2C) consumers to consumers ecommerce is simply defined as ecommerce between private individuals and consumers. It's a type of trade relation where both seller and buyer are consumers not businesses. It presupposes interaction between parties through a third one, mostly an online auction or trade website e.g. eBay . (C2B) consumers to business ecommerce is a transaction model in which consumers or individuals create value and businesses consume that value. C2B is a kind of economic relationship that is qualified as an inverted business type (B2G) business to government ecommerce is generally defined as ecommerce between business and public sector. It refers to the use of the internet for public procurement, licensing, procedures and other government related operations. (MC) mobile commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services through wireless technology i.e. Handheld devices such as telephones, mobile, personal digital assistant (PDA’s) Ecommerce is growing at a very fast rate and relying on new technologies and increasing social media penetration it has increased opportunities for women. Ecommerce is one such industry that is making the world come closer by helping buyers meet the sellers and vice versa. Today in many parts of the world women especially those living in rural areas are still excluded from accessing the internet or do not have the skills to use it in a profitable way. On the other hand examples from developing countries demonstrate that if given access and knowledge how, women entrepreneurs have benefited from using the new technologies in many areas . Ecommerce revolution has brought a great sense of financial independence along with creative satisfaction for women. The benefits of ecommerce for women are

flexibility, working from home, no safety and family restriction issues specially in country like Pakistan. The constant growth of ecommerce globally has seen leading women players venture into the market to stimulate growth and encourage the development of ecommerce platforms. The high penetration of internet and use of social media is also playing an influential role in driving their business by reducing barriers to work across the boundaries and creating flexibility around them. Regional, national and international women entrepreneurs associations have been found in particular to provide an important source of information and support to nascent, new and established women business owners. The mission of women in ecommerce is to empower women with educational opportunities to enhance their businesses using the internet and social media.

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