Women and Palestine 🇵🇸

Photo Credit: Motzaz azaiza

A flower in a graveyard

In Palestine, women are facing immense suffering due to the ongoing war. They have lost husbands, brothers, and children in the conflict, leaving them to pick up the pieces and carry on. Despite their own pain, many women are providing meals and comfort to those around them. They are also at the forefront of the conflict, highlighting the issues that have been created by the war and the need to end it.

Thousands of mothers have been robbed of their children, leaving an indescribable emptiness in their lives. Some have lost not only their children, but also their mothers and sisters in the conflict.

Women continue to be the real heroes and victims of this war. They have endured tremendous losses, yet continue to provide for others and offer their strength and support. The war is taking a heavy toll on them, yet they remain resilient and continue to fight for a better future.

It is time to recognize the immense strength and courage of the women of Palestine and to ensure that their voices are heard. They are the real heroes of this conflict and deserve to be respected and honored for their selflessness and bravery.

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