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In the photo me and some of the Teen mothers in Bududa district during our outreach.

So before joining world pulse a day ago I was almost giving up on an initiative that I started 10months ago in my region which supports Teenage mothers and the vulnerable Girl child . I had run short of funds since we don't have donors yet and the Girls were depending entirely on my little salary which at times comes in late. So when I shared a story about one of the projects that we had done I got postive comments and this changed the whole narrative in just a blink of an eye. I got inspired because my vision is to create safe spaces for the sexually harassed and abandoned teen expectant mothers and the Girl child . I believe this platform will be of great support, I take this opportunity to call upon everybody who is able to read this to support our "baby" NGO in any way, Donate baby clothes, Scholaristic materials, food and help us aquire a safe home for the Girls, this will mean so much to the Teen moms and the vulnerable Girls in the Elgon region, Uganda. Thankyou 🥰

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