Women Empowerment matters!


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Women empowerment matters

As a women, I believe in women empowerment and encourages females to receive their education , guide them (free advices) how to excell their academics as I am an educator,I try my best to help them to study and find their place. Honestly, I dont have any physical organaziation but I do run my voice and campaign through social media. I am not into raising funds but I have run campaigns in school (bake sales) and other such activities where learners take part voluntary and collect funds that we give to different NGOs.

I send my students to learn the importance of voluntary services as they work with them during holidays and also earn certificates that helps them to avail scholarships.

Money is not everything, but learning the importance of spending to right places and right time matters.

I want women empowerment to be seen every where. Want women shining like stars in the dark night.

Women are blessed with love, patience and hope that they can give to their children, their family, their friends.

Instead of pulling each other's leg, let's support each other because one will always get the reward of their pure intentions from God. I believe in spirtualituly and meditation.

I built this group of women empowerment to show work of all the women,how they are making differences. Many are behind the curtains and there are many untold stories to be revealed.

Be a hope of light for each other. I remember I was appreciating sakes women in a mall in an international city and saw the brightness in their eyes when I was appreciating thrm.

I feel motivated and spirtually strong after listening and supporting in my possible manner to any women. Sometimes they only need a listener so I am all there with my ears for them.


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