Women In The Qur'an And Lived Realities Of Women - Presentation by Imam Muhammed Al-Asi, South Africa, September 2019



\"The issue concerning women is for some people - it's a personal issue and I think...I'm going to say this in the beginning; I might repeat it in my presentation. I think women - it falls upon them to be more assertive in their family circles, and in their extended family circle, and in society; you have to be more assertive instead of being pushed to the back, wherever that back may be.\" Imam Muhammad Al-Asi



\"I think most of this depends on accurate knowledge. If you have sound, accurate knowledge, you will make progress during liberation, and you will make progress after liberation. The problem arises when there's no sound knowledge.\" Imam Muhammad Al-Asi

Presentation + Q&A:


\"Individuals especially the new generation that is growing up as you may have alluded to - some of them are losing the faith or disillusioned or whatever. These individuals are let's say basically in 3 SPHERES -- There's THE HOME, THE SCHOOL, and THE MASJID. And these are supposed to be working with each other; the 3 of them have to be working with each other. If 1 of them is not working with the 2 others, or the 3 of them are working at cross purposes with each other, then you're going to have a malfunctioning individual. So if we have AN ISLAMIC FAMILY, and I don't mean the traditional type that I referred to earlier in the presentation which, you know, we end up with broken families and broken spirits. I'm speaking about an Islamic family that is A PROPER ISLAMIC FAMILY. So a person born in that family, raised up in an Islamic family atmosphere, goes to AN ISLAMIC SCHOOL, and I don't mean the traditional, backwards, regressive, reactionary Islamic school. I don't mean that type. I MEAN A PROPER ISLAMIC SCHOOL. And then the same person goes to A PROPER ISLAMIC MASJID in which the Khutbahs or the lessons or the halaqat or the duruus that are given in that masjid are not lullaby presentations. They deal with the real issues of the world. They relate the meanings of the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet in real time. So if a person is growing up in these 3 CLIMATES with the input of Islam from these 3 SOURCES, THEN YOU'RE SPEAKING ABOUT AN ISLAMIC FUTURE. But if these are not working on the same wavelength or they are contradicting each other, the person is going to grow up confused and that confusion is going to result in either the person changing their identity or just giving up on everything that has to do with Islam and you know going out into the materialistic world and he becomes one of these secular materialists that you know, they may satisfy their conscience by going to the lullaby masjid and that's about it...nothing done, nothing achieved. So the general answer to your question is that you just, you just listen to what ALLAH and HIS PROPHET is saying and you're on solid grounds; before the change, during the change, and after the change. And you have to be, you have to be CONFIDENT. CONFIDENCE is one of the first things that comes with all of thisALLAH SUBHANNA WA TA 'ALA IS NOT TELLING US TO DO THINGS WE ARE INCAPABLE OF DOING. THE WORLD IS CRYING; THE WORLD IS YEARNING; THE WORLD IS BEGGING FOR JUSTICE! And we're the ones who's supposed to offer that but you know they  anesthetize us with rituals.\" Imam Muhammad Al-Asi

\"When you say men and women are equal, they are equal in their rights and in their obligations. But they are not the same in their biologies. We are not the same in our biologies. We are equal in our duties and in our responsibilities. All of us are expected to pray. All of us are expected to fast. All of us our expected to shoulder the social responsibilities upon us whether they...You know, the second Khalifah Umar (RA), he appointed a woman to be in today's world, it would be like the Minister of Commerce and Finance. Did you know that?! You see it's one of these pieces of information that is omitted. It's called Walayatil Hisba. So women have to assume with men the common responsibilities. The responsibilities are common. Just like we go to perform As-Salah which is a common obligation. Al-Jihad is a common obligation. Sacrifices are common obligations but in accordance to our physical abilities. Like my physical ability of a man is I can't get pregnant so that doesn't violate my equality with my wife. The same thing if we look at it the other way around.\" Imam Muhammad Al-Asi




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