Women on the continent of Africa

English translation by community member bmbu.

Women on the continent of Africa are brave in expressing themselves. In the world of decision making, which concerns activities some catastrophes caused by the recognition of the law on the health of the environment. This law speaks for itself it is the first to be recognized of the ensemble of civil, political, economic, social, and cultural laws. African women advance always day by day to speak in the world about Africa. African women have suffered a lot in all the complaints but from this day we are capable of defending all of Africa. They [the women] settle the accounts, the goods, owned by women accused of principal motivations. The women continue to better our families and encourage all the children in [their] studies and regarding its constitutive act, women for education, science, and culture for the objective of contributing to the maintenance of peace and security. [In sum] by education, science, and the culture of collaboration between women with an eye to universal respect of justice, of the law, and of fundamental right to freedom for all, without distinction for race, sex, language, or religion. Africa is a continent loved by God. Women, we can do more to work to defend our continent.

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