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I hail from Swat Valley which once remained under the strong hold of the Taliban. I work to protect and advocate for the rights of girls and women in Malakand Division.

I am working with an aim to uplift the marginalized women and girls in the tribal areas of Pakistan by empowering them with the knowledge,tools and expertise to stand on their own feet. I saw and learned that women are not even allowed to make decisions about their own bodies, how can women be empowered in a society where discrimination against women is common. If women cannot make a decision about their own bodies, how can they make decisions in their communities or families?

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Swat is a beautiful part of Pakistan, the people of swat are usually Pathan who are known for their hospitality and pride. The living conditions of people here are also different from other parts of Pakistan their culture is very ancient and people here are more concerned with their culture. But despite all this the people of swat are second to non in matters of life. The people here are highly educated and working in all walks of life even women of this area are no less, as well as taking care of the house and children they also work in different fields. A few years ago when terrorism started in swat valley and the terrorist had forbidden the people here to live there was always a fear and dread in the heart of people, they wandered what could happen at any moment but the people of swat are very brave they faced these difficult circumstances, they left their houses and saw their loved ones martyred. Now after many years of hardship the situation in swat is very good, people are living their lives happily without any fear and swat has moved towards development and prosperity but even today after much progress the people of swat have not forgotten their traditions. Swat is still a male dominant and conservative area. Most women in swat have the potential to do something special mostly women are educated and also working but even today it is difficult for them to get out of their houses, because the tradition of the society here do not allow them. I am not saying that we should forget our tradition and culture but women are also human beings, they also need a break from this race of life and they need a space where they can feel free and safe. They also need space and place where they can enjoy and utillise their free time and also maintain their traditions and norms. After watching all this for many years the idea came in my mind why not to open a place where only women can come and utillise their free time, have gatherings with their female friends, have parties like bridle shower, birthday parties in a safe and sound environment, and from this the idea of women cafe generated. Women cafe will be a place where women can eat, drink and have fun. If a women has some skills to teach other women, women cafe will be a medium for that she can do her job here, they can support and help each other in many ways. In women cafe they can play indoor games, they can arrange different session, language classes, make up classes, and many other extra healthy social activities. It will be the only place in swat where men will be strictly not allowed to enter. From cook to cleaner and from waiter to manager there will be only women staff, so that our traditions remain intact and women's families do not object and they have no justification for stopping them from going to such place which is totally safe and women will enjoy their free time in peace, safe from the longing of men here. Every facility will be available under one roof whatever women want and whatever is their need. I hope this initiative will bring a positive change to our society and will boost the confidence level of our awesome women out their. Please do like and share my article.

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