Women’s unity is a biggest source for change

Anne Seery is one of the best human beings in my life, it has been almost two years , when one day we became friends on facebook I did not know, that actually, she was not just a friend, but she was a guide , sent by the God for me, Since that day everything started changing in Zephaniah Free education, She took all my dreams as her own, whatever I thought, she guided me like a teacher, whenever I felt alone she is always there for me, in just one year, my students got a place on rent, my women’s learning center starting working very fast, many women learnt stitching and hairdressing. She set up a fund for my project and I could change many lives of women in my area with her help.
I have a problem, that I want to change the whole world, So I try to do many things at a time, Now I have planned to make a computer learning center, so every time I think of it, sometimes due to hard work I get sick, So Anne always tells me to keep calm and go slow, she wants me to do things one by one, and I obey her because I know she is right.
What she told me proofs yesterday, when something extraordinary happened in my school .I went to school from my office, there are 6 girls who are teaching in school because they are learning skills free of charge at Zephaniah’s learning center, So they teach the children for one hour a day.
during last 15 years there was no volunteer who could teach my students, and I never expected it from anyone, I just kept going alone , during sickness, during my own exams, I kept teaching, I never went to meet my relatives , I never went on vacation since my childhood, I attended only two wedding ceremonies in my life one of elder sister about 14 years before and one of my students about one year before, because I could not leave my school even for one day, or it could waist the time of my students , which was not acceptable for me.
So yesterday when I went to school a girl, who is not my student, neither friend, she has completed her Matriculation, She asked me very politely, Sister Zeph I want to teach your students for one hour a day, I am very inspired by you, and I have learnt from you that, we should help each other in everything, so if you do not mind I will teach your students.
She is the first volunteer at Zephaniah free education, and my sister Anne’s words have proved true that, all will be alright but it will take time, you cannot do everything in one time, do things one by one, one day people around you will accept you and your work.
Sister Anne is an inspiration for all the women of this world, that women should take a stand for each other; this is how women’s rights can be promoted. This is how women can be educated and empowered every where in the world

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