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Words are not useless

Words are sometimes useless and vain when you can’t explain your aches and pain.
The only expression is broken tears, the cry of the heart that no one hears …

These are the first lines of a poem I wrote when I was 11 years old, amidst the pain of a broken home, feeling of being unloved and rejected, afraid, anxious, lost and wallowing in self pity. I thought words were useless, maybe because there was no one I could share my heart with.

As I grew up I learned that words are powerful tools that can make or break, build up or destroy, heal or kill. Because of my passion for writing, I decide to take a course in Mass Communications major in Journalism. There is so much to say and there are many stories untold. I wanted to tell the world. I needed to learn how to do it.

After I graduated I was invited to teach in a college here while I worked part time as a news writer in a local television station. Being able to impart knowledge and values to my students exhilarated me. It gave me a sense of fulfillment. I also enjoyed being able to relay information to the public about what is going on, to select the appropriate clippings in order to get the response I wanted from them, an awesome responsibility!

I am now with the government. My job involves covering meetings and sessions of the legislative body and writing this in the official publication and in the city government’s website. My task to inform the public about what is being done for them and about current developments in the city. I love my job and the challenges that go with it.

But something is still missing. There is a vacuum yearning to be filled. I want to make a difference but how? I kept my eyes open for avenues until I finally found World Pulse. Here I realized that there are many women who are going through deep pain and difficult times. Some of them could need encouragement. And maybe some just need to know that they are not alone.

My desire is to reach out to them wherever they may be. This is the journey I now seek and through Voices of the Future I know I can get there.

South and Central Asia
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