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You call me Queer I say you are; coz you lack acceptance

[This is not my story but of someone who has risen to be one of power like the innumerable others i learn from daily.]

She knew she was born different, but she belonged to  the small town of Mpumalanga, where a girl is not supposed to do nothing but be submissive their whole life. This was unthinkable ,to her mother, Ouma and the other relatives who always shushed her and forced her to look and talk in decent girlish way.

But when someone is born to rise, how are they going to be limited by their thoughts?

She loved playing football with the boys from the townships, and could agilely climb tall trees where girls' her age would swoon looking at. She loved challenges and could catch the biggest fish from the river. All the boys approached her when there was a squabble within younger kids in the playground, to break fights. But she was held back from leaving when she started growing.. Along with bodily changes, her thoughts too started changing and she realized she really didnt like boys at all. They were friends and partners in childhood crimes.. But girls interested her more than boys.

Again her mother put her thoughts  down to her spending too much time with the boys and discussing girls with them...She was forbidden to talk to boys and she spend her high school years friendless and unhappy.

As soon as they got a chance they got her married off to a man who spent his days drunk and took pleasure in beating his wife...She was forced by the very man , she thought would save her .Till then she trusted boys and men, and even bore his child, another girl.

Going off to university in Johannesburg, her life changed...She fell in love with the girl she will spent her future days with...When as an independent working woman she chose to stay with her partner, all hell broke loose...The village sent men after her to force her to accept that she is curable to become a normal girl...She was brutally raped in front of her then seven year old daughter and faced the trauma of living life alone..

That is when she changed. She left her job and returned back to the same place that forced her to run away...She set up the first LGBTQ group in her region .Now awards and accolades are coming her way for all the work she is doing..

One day soon she will be a part of WP with her name ..Till then I will honor her to remain anonymous and be inspired by her story.



Girl Power
Gender-based Violence
Human Rights
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