Co-create a warm and welcoming refuge with us.

Our mission is to create a world where all women thrive: one click, one comment, one connection at a time.

Inclusivity Statement

“Our community is not only a safe space but an incubator where thunder voices are hatched or harnessed.” - Sally Maforchi Mboumien

World Pulse strives to be a safe, supportive, and brave space for women and for all who support gender justice to catalyse our mission. We celebrate the unique attributes, characteristics, and perspectives of every person. At the same time, we are facilitating space to amplify women’s voices and build a community that values, respects, and cares for every individual.

Community Culture

Our community culture of collective care is co-owned and co-created. We invite you to steward this culture with us. On World Pulse:

  • We speak our personal truths. Here, it doesn’t matter your education, grammar, bank balance, or family name – we want to hear your experiences, challenges, hopes, and dreams in the way you want to tell it.
  • We lift each other up. We share encouragement, connections, and resources – building a community of collective care and celebration. Our comment section brings out the best of humanity.
  • We act in solidarity. We treat each other with dignity and respect at all times. We honor lived experiences that may be very different from our own and break isolation by reaching out. Often, small acts of support make a big difference. It’s in this solidarity that we find the courage to speak up, the will to keep going, and the power to make a real impact.
  • We interact respectfully with each other. We refrain from attacking, blaming, shaming, accusing, making assumptions, or passing judgment. We do not use derogatory language, nor do we discount or question another person’s experiences or feelings. This space is meant for support, celebration, and learning from each other.
  • We recognize and honor the diversity in our experiences, belief systems, and differing local contexts. We find strength in our diversity. We do not tolerate discriminatory content on World Pulse, and recognize the value in our unique situations.
  • World Pulse is an antiracist space. We value and uphold an intersectional approach to feminism. An antiracist space requires that all of us need to consider our positionality and work actively not to replicate white, colonial patriarchal structures.
  • We do not solicit funds. World Pulse is not a fund or grantmaking agency and does not provide funds on request to its members. In order to preserve the integrity of the platform, members shall refrain from asking other members for money, or coercing other members to provide money. The only exception to this is sharing a valid link to an external fundraising campaign through a story or initiative.
  • We do not tolerate discrimination against members based on gender, race, caste, class, disability, sexual orientation, mental illness, physical appearance, national and/or ethnic origin, immigration status, language, religion, or political beliefs.
  • Awards conferred by World Pulse shall be determined by a dedicated committee of staff. Community members shall refrain from attempting to influence, coerce, or demand awards.

Safety, Security, Privacy & Consent

  • We are committed to protecting the privacy and safety of each member. Any content that reveals private contact information, locations, or personal details of other members will be removed. Find our detailed Privacy Policy here.
  • To protect the privacy and safety of children, youth under the age of 16 are prohibited from registering on World Pulse. In rare cases, World Pulse may authorize use of the platform for children under age 16, with written permission from a parent or guardian. This policy was developed to protect child privacy and in recognition that the intensity of some of the stories shared on World Pulse may be upsetting for children.
  • Members are encouraged to take measures to protect themselves. This is especially true if they are logging on from regions where free speech is not protected, or if they have reason to believe that speaking out will put them in danger.
  • Members may use aliases or profile images that conceal their identity.
  • Members may restrict content to Community Only. All members are encouraged to use the Community Only privacy option to keep sensitive content restricted to our community, as needed. Please see our guidelines on Staying Safe Online.
  • We provide options for you to indicate if you give consent to have your content shared on platforms other than World Pulse. We will still exercise all reasonable means to contact you for any opportunity or modify your content before we share it.
  • Respect the privacy needs of others! Do not share or forward any information without explicit permission.
  • Members are free to determine who they engage with. World Pulse offers members the option to use the “block” feature, where they may block a member they do not wish to interact with. More details on the block feature can be found here.

Content Guidelines and Moderation

World Pulse invites you to share your stories and experiences with the community. By speaking out and joining our voices, we strengthen each other. Follow the following guidelines to ensure the integrity of the community.

Sharing Stories

  • Share your truth. We encourage you to speak authentically about your experiences, your challenges, your hopes and dreams, and your vision for your own life and your community.
  • Content that is not original or that is not properly cited will be removed. Plagiarized content will not be tolerated. We discourage members from posting links to news articles without providing context or personal commentary.
  • Be mindful to credit others for their ideas and work. Ensure that you recognize the contribution of others and credit them when appropriate, e.g. in discussions, quotes, or sharing concepts.
  • If your story includes sensitive content, let members know. When you publish your story, you can add a sensitive content warning to help members care for themselves as they read content. As you write, we hope you care for yourself too.
  • Share to connect around stories, solutions, and challenges — not for personal or monetary gain. Please do not solicit funds using the World Pulse platform. The only exception to this is that you may include links to outside fundraising pages or crowdfunding campaigns in the context of a story or initiative update about your project. See more details about fundraising here.
  • Do not proselytize. We encourage members to honor each other's best sense of spirituality and religious beliefs. Using the World Pulse platform to recruit others to your religion or church is prohibited.

Sharing Photos and Video Content

  • Ensure you are properly crediting content creators, such as photographers. When uploading images, please ensure that you have copyright permissions, and that you have appropriately credited the source.
  • Make sure you have permission. If others are included in your photos or videos, ensure that you have their permission to put their photo online.
  • Don’t share images of children without consent from their guardian. If an image includes minors, you must have prior written permission from their parents or guardians to post it.
  • Do not post aggressive, crude, pornographic or otherwise offensive photos, videos, or content.

Participation in Live Events

World Pulse regularly hosts live, virtual events and invites you to participate in these events alongside other members in the community. These events allow us to demonstrate support, solidarity, and a sense of community togetherness. When you participate in World Pulse virtual gatherings, you agree to the following guidelines:

  • We are respectful: Live events are an opportunity for members to support, celebrate, and learn from each other. We refrain from attacking, blaming, shaming, accusing, making assumptions, passing judgment, causing harm, and using violent language. While every member is recognized, welcomed, and respected, we do not hold other community members responsible for lived experiences that they were not complicit in causing.
  • We value every participant’s voice: We are mindful when others are speaking and allow space for all members to be heard. ****Avoid unmuting yourself while another is speaking. If you have something to share, use the chat feature or raise a hand. If the host is able to accommodate your comment aloud, they will let you know; otherwise, they will offer you an alternate way to share.
  • We recognize that impact matters over intent: We are mindful of how our words impact others. Before sharing a thought, take a minute to assess the impact your words may have on others and make an informed decision on how your frame your thoughts in a manner that will not cause another harm.
  • Members are encouraged to take measures to protect themselves. We recognize that some members are logging on to our live events from regions where free speech is not protected, or they may have reason to believe that speaking out will put them in danger. Members are welcome to take appropriate steps to protect themselves, including using aliases or profile images that conceal their identity. ****Once you’re in the live event room, you are welcome to change your name and stay off video if you feel that it can protect your safety.

Moderation Policy

We take our culture seriously and moderate content to ensure the World Pulse community is a safe and supportive refuge for members. Any content in violation of these community guidelines will be removed.

As a World Pulse member, you are a steward of our community culture. If you see any content that concerns you, please follow these steps to report it to World Pulse moderators.

If any content or action is found to be in violation of our community guidelines or Terms of Service, appropriate action will be taken. For example:

  • If content is a clear violation of guidelines, World Pulse reserves the right to remove or modify said content.
  • Depending on the severity of the violation, you may be issued a warning, or your account may be permanently suspended.
  • If content is determined to contain potentially traumatic or disturbing content, moderators may add a “Sensitive content” tag.
  • If content is determined to be unrelated to World Pulse community interests or in questionable alignment with World Pulse’s community guidelines, moderators may unpublish the content.
  • If community members report a member’s conduct as violating the community guidelines, World Pulse reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend the member and delete the account of a member who is deemed to be violating community guidelines. Members who have their account deleted can request a copy of their user data.
  • Depending on the severity of the violation reported by community members, you may be issued a warning, or your account may be permanently suspended.
  • Members can appeal moderation decisions by contacting our help desk. Click the chat icon at the bottom of your screen to initiate a request for review. You can expect an appeal decision within 14 business days.
  • If your account has been suspended from World Pulse, you will be informed of the suspension. You are welcome to appeal your suspension by making a case for yourself by writing to us using the chat feature on the website. You can expect a decision within 14 days. World Pulse approaches decisions regarding suspension with care and follows a rigorous internal protocol that centers fairness and careful consideration of all relevant facts.

Feedback and Input

We welcome your feedback and input on the community guidelines. Email