DONT BE AFRAID TO SPEAK ! stop sugar coating gender based violence its real ! speak up

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women have to be respected at home , at places of work in community they are not things to be beaten ,used , abused, hurt or killed they need love , care , understanding , opportunity to air their views, a hurt woman is a failed generation

I will call her hope ! she was the most beautiful woman coming from a well off family the 4th born of her family of six siblings , she had long hair had the most beautiful smile with natural dimples above all well educated she was living a beautiful life enjoying her well paying job with her beautiful career she had she got good salary, travel the world ,she mentored many young people who viewed her a role model and admired her life. Hope was a woman of the people she was easy to talk to , she offer to help those in need until one day just like the bible say ' a woman will get out of her parents home she got married to this philanthropist man who tried to control her life but Hope was not ready to be controlled you could see it on her face .she was in - love and was ready to adhere to her husbands wishes. six months later she got married and by that time they were expecting twins hope was a good mother . year later she was having another set of twins but she had changed was no-longer the happy married woman..! something didn't feel right . i started to suspect her husband was doing something to her but she wont talk i assumed she was under threat or something .for the sake of her pregnancy and toddler she tried holding together but things were falling apart this woman was being beaten was being threatened with death i could see it on her face and it was time to act. I tried my best to reach to her because she had scars all over her face ,swollen lips .asked if she was ok and needed help i gave her my number to call just incase she needed a helping hand .one night hope called for help that she was beaten and thrown out with the kids , she was in state of disbelief i couldn't believe she was hope i had to ring her parents to come over they didn't hesitate to run for their daughter who was not allowed to visitor call them they were shocked to see her weak and helpless .i still thank GOD we took action! hope would have died in the hands of that evil man who was arrested after he tried crossing to the neighboring country to run yet he knew the dangers he put hope in together with the babies who were so innocent . thats how my organization rose up to create a awareness of ' don't stay in abusive relationship speak up , ask for help no matter how hard it is together with the help of local government hotline number was created to protect women who are being beaten and threatened with the people who are suppose to help them. in as pan of a week we managed to save six women from violence some of them were so badly beaten and raped by people they once called husbands . my organization together with local leaders had to have a televised program to show men in local language the dangers of gender based violence against woman and how it mentally affect women and children mental health. and after the death of young woman that died from being abused and buried under the bed that was it . public a awareness was the in thing in the community chief as the elder of the community called a Friday meeting to talk about the danger of hurting woman . we later rescued so many women who have been suffering in silence ,those who have big scars from beating , those who have cut that haven't heal those with trauma and anxiety we also mentor them on how the community has to be a safe place for women and children ,while marriage should be a communion of unity, understanding, togetherness till death not ,a gateway of beating helpless woman just because you married . most of those women didn't know their right the ability to stand up and speak when things aren't right . run for help from local leader without fear of intimidation or being left to fend for your children as a single parent than getting hurt or even getting killed. after all the sad faces i saw of women and children i thought about how people especially women fear being alone they rather get beaten to please their friends , fear of failed marriages, fear of coming out and talking about the monstrous man he is living with ,fear of reporting beating because the family wont take them serious forgetting that life has no spare part beating can cause internal injuries that lead to death , beating can cause permanent injury that will need expensive surgery that they cant get. as a leader in my small community i will be a voice of change i will continue helping women that are abused and have no place to go to will make sure the monster behind the beating tried in font of all the community to see their faces while they are called out to stop the abuse on women as an example to others that have same motives in future. i wont sit and see another death in my community i want a young girl growing to know that being abused in marriage, at places of work is wrong , I want that young girl to grow to be the voice of change for future generation without fear of who is who. a generation of woman that come together to fend other women going through gender based violence and handle it with courage as a team is all i dream of in my community .every Friday the village chief has a meeting to condemn men who have been found guilty of hurting women and they do community work as a punishment and it help easy violence towards women

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